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Everything is Light – Nikola Tesla, Thank you

I have a thing for Tesla recently. Well in all honesty I always did but I never pursued even the smallest amount of study of the man. Just knew he created great things, they were stolen, made others rich and Nikola passed away from this world broke & with no one to miss him but the birds. In the last

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Don’t Just Stand There

Posted @ Justin’s site: If I came to your house and made a mess out of your things, stole your possessions, raped your children and your wives, and threw you out of your home by force … would it seem right to you? Would it seen humane? Would it seem natural or unnatural? Looking at the condition of the

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Christmas and Easter

Side note: My opinion is we should use these holidays to help others as much as possible but not be so immersed in the commercialism and fairy tales of this truly being our teacher’s true birthday. I agree to disagree on some things within with my brother. This essay is written in response to email from readers who asked, “Do

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What About Hell? Deistic Take.

This essay is written in response to email asking “What do Christian Deists believe about hell?” “Hell” is often defined as a place where human souls are tortured forever by fire because these persons failed to accept some particular religion during their time on earth. The idea of “everlasting torment in hell” was well known in Zoroastrianism many centuries before

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Eracidni Murev Te

Eracidni Murev Te 2018

(copied from via Below is a compilation of posts by a user named “Eracidni Murev Te” (meaning “to share in truth”) on the GodlikeProductions forum, formatted for more convenient reading. The quoted questions are by various members, but all answers are by Eracidni Murev Te. The posts date from July 2018 to March 2019. Some posts will reference their

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First I personally would like to state that in my opinion these have been grossly misinterpreted to be precise “predictions” with no subset of conditions by Hidden_Hand, they were not. They were scenarios that may or may have not played out depending on what goes on behind the curtains. As clearly stated, Again, it depends upon certain ‘forces’ at play,

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