I’m out of gas…

5/2022 Filled the tank and back at it! Thanks for the emails of encouragement!

I’m doubting that anyone even reads this site but I figured I’d post an update.

I’m lost. I have prayed for wisdom and I believe I have taken on the search of to many rabbit holes or I have taken way to many different red / blue pills. From the Great I AM, Jesus, to my conscious mind, to it all being a simulation. I am at a point that I’m not going to go by what any man has written and take his opinion as my own but focus on what I think is the way. It’s a gamble by Bible definitions but I know no other way that won’t make me go insane.

Never take what another says to you as “Truth”. Your purpose here, is to find your own Truth. ~ Hidden_Hand

So I’m going to finish reading one thing and that is The Four Agreements by Don Ruiz and go from there. Good luck to all and walk in light.

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2 years ago

Never lose your balance, and thank you.

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