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I wanted to share. I absolutely relish the deep enjoyment and profound pleasure I experience while diving into the mystical realm of the “Hermitica” and immersing myself in the wisdom of the Seven Cosmic Laws of Hermes.

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Cosmic LAWS – GOD’s Order: The seven Cosmic Laws of Hermes Trismegistos = Thot (Hermetic Laws)

All Philosophy is based on seven Cosmic Laws. Thot, the Egyptian God of WISDOM = Hermes Trismegistos, “The triple great Hermes” of the ancient Greeks, had once written them down on Emerald Tables, so that MEN would know and follow them. These tables have not been found up to this day.
These LAWS are valid in all of CREATION, in all Planes of Being. They are eternal and unchangeable. But above all LAWS stands the UNCONDITIONAL LOVE AND THE GRACE OF GOD, able to transcent all LAWS!

1. The Principle of SPIRIT ( MIND)

Everything is Spiritual. The Source of LIFE is CREATIVE SPIRIT, without bounds and limitations. The Universe is mental. Spirit / Mind stands above matter – rules matter.

The Consciousness determines the BEING. Thoughts are creative and changing powers; they are the means of CREATION. The IMAGINATION creates in Visualization. The intensity of the inner wishing and longing is an important factor of CREATION. And just like HIS WORD, MAN’s WORD creates, too – as the action of his mind. So every MAN is able to leave his state of ignorance and consciously enter the STATE OF KNOWLEDGE OF LIFE at any time, thus accepting the Heritage of MAN’s PERFECTION and of CREATION. He thus changes his world and creates it new.
Be aware of your thoughts – they can create and destroy! Be conscious of your responsibility! Which thoughts and words come from you? What do you CREATE with them? Are they worlds of LOVE – creatures of LOVE?

2. The Principle of Cause and Effect = KARMA

Each cause has an effect – each effect has its cause. Each action has a certain energy which requires that the like energy returns to its source, to its creator.
The effect equals the cause in quality and quantity. ‘Equal creates equal’. Action = Reaction.

The cause can be on many different planes. Everything happens in accordance to the LAW. Each MAN is CREATOR, carrier and surmounter of his fate.

Every thought, every feeling, every action is a cause which has an effect. So there is no blame, no guilt or fault, no sin, no ‘chance’ and no luck – only cause and effect. Between the cause and its effect many centuries and incarnations could extend – as TIME does not exist.

“Luck” and “chance” are expressions of a LAW not yet acknowledged.
Why do you have certain traits? Where do your patterns of behaviour derive from? Be aware of the effect of all your thoughts, feelings and actions! Let go of hatred, aggressiveness and fear and open yourself to Unconditional TRUST and LOVE. You alone are responsible for yourself!

3. The Principle of Correspondence or Analogy

As above – so below, as below – so above. As within – so without, as without – so within. As in great – so in small, as in small, so in great.
For everthing there is in this world, there exists an analogy on every plane of BEING.

So you can realize the great in the small, and the smallest in the greatest. The way you are yourself determines the way you experience the ouside world. Vice versa, the outside world is your mirror. When Du change, everything around you will change.

4. The Principle of Resonance or Attraction

Like attracts like and will be enforced by like. Unlike repels each other.
Your personal behaviour determines your personal conditions and the total conditions of your life.
Negativity attracts more negativity, darkness attracts more darkness, aggression attracts aggression, hate attracts hate, sorrow attracts sorrow, addiction attracts addiction, so if you do not stop, reconsider and reverse your path, your negativity will increase, leading into a downward spiral that – at a certain point – cannot be stopped and leads into depression, desperation, desaster and death.

5. The Principle of Harmony and Balance

Harmony is the flow of life. Everything strives for harmony, for balance. The stronger determines the weaker and makes it equal to itself.

Life is harmonious togetherness, the GIVING and TAKING of elements and powers being active in CREATION. By grasping and holding on we create a blockage which in turn is leading to sickness and death as a result of ERROR: LIFE supports only what furthers LIFE, and anything causing a blockage weakens and must go, because it is a hindrance to LIFE itself. LIFE is mutual balance or compensation, eternal movement. Different effects are finding to a balance, so that as soon as possible harmony is restored. Life is continuous GIVING and TAKING. The universe lives by dynamic balance in EASINESS, HARMONY and LOVE. GIVING and TAKING are different aspects of the Cosmic Energy Stream.

While giving freely what we are seeking, we are letting PLENTY into our lives. While giving HARMONY, PEACE and LOVE, we are creating HARMONY, PEACE and LOVE, opening us for LUCK, SUCCESS and PLENTY.

We will get as much from the PLENTY of LIFE, as we are able to open ourselves to it. To open yourself, you should let go of all your conscious and unconscious thoughts of need and limitations within yourself and dare the NEW, THE UNBOUNDED. He who does not live PLENTY, will not find it.
Open yourself to the PLENTY. Do not enrichen yourself at the cost of others. You have to pay everything you get (unless it is GIVEN to you). GIVE in order to RECEIVE!

Above this LAW – above EACH LAW – is the GRACE of GOD!

6. The Principle of Rhythm or Vibration

Everything flows in and flows out again. Everything has its tides. Everything rises and falls. Everything is vibration.

Nothing is static – everything is moving. The even movement of the pendulum is evident in everything. The swing of the pendulum to the one side equals the swing of the pendulum to the other side. Rhythm equalizes.
Overcome rigidity and live flexibility. Whatever is rigid must break apart.

7. The Principle of Polarity and Sexuality

Everything has a pair of poles. Everything has a pair of contrasting aspects. Like and unlike are the same.

Contrasts are the same by their nature. GOD’S TRUTH IS ONE.
Only in the low-vibrating worlds, like in the 3. dimension, the aspects have different signs marking them as “contrasts”, and thus have different vibrational frequencies. The human brain is three-dimensionally oriented; for that reason the ONE-NESS or SAME-NESS appears PARADOX to the polaric mind. But each PARADOXON should be brought together – in the middle – , only this way we can approach TRUTH. Or else our truths are only half truths. We cannot understand TRUTH – only grasp it with the HEART!

In the 3rd dimension we should learn to recognize the ONE-NESS OF ALL – by LEARNING UNCONDITIONAL LOVE ans LIVING this LOVE = THAT is our GOAL IN LIVE-on-Earth! When we are living in UNCONDITIONAL LOVE, we are living in NON-POLARITY.

Do not judge or evaluate others. Do not raise yourself above others. Accept the other opinion. Everyone is right. Everything is justified. Everything is well.

Sexuality is in everything. Both sexual aspects is ONENESS at the same time.
Sexuality manifests itself in everything. Everything has male and female elements. Everything is male and female in ONE. Sexuality strives for ONE-NESS. But actually sexuality IS ONE-NESS or UNITY, as you can see with TAO. The NON-POLARIC UNITY consists of the male and the female aspect. you also cannot divide SEA and WAVES – both is ONE – and ONE is not without the other.

You yourself are male and female at the same time. Live your male and your female aspect equally. Be balanced – be in your middle – BE ONE.

A lot more understanding can be found in the full Hermitica

Walk in light,

Lost Wanderer

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