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Reading the Divine Pymander of Hermes Trismegistus: Key Points

The Divine Pymander of Hermes Trismegistus refers to the “divine order” or the “universal laws” as the governing principles that shape the functioning of the cosmos and the spiritual realm. These laws represent the underlying structure and harmony of the universe. While the specific terminology and interpretation may vary across different spiritual and philosophical traditions, here are some commonly recognized […]

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Mark Probert The Magic Bag & Yada Speaks

Side note: Hidden Hand fans will find some very intersting simliarities in these texts as well… Reading through some Law of One the other day I came across a question they had asked RA about a “council” of members. Answered in 7:09 and followed up by 7:10 leading to Mr. Probert and another. After thinking to myself how my name

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Don’t Just Stand There

Posted @ Justin’s site: https://werdsmith.com/genesology/969gjuM6u8Z5jC If I came to your house and made a mess out of your things, stole your possessions, raped your children and your wives, and threw you out of your home by force … would it seem right to you? Would it seen humane? Would it seem natural or unnatural? Looking at the condition of the

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Christian Deism: Religion of the Golden Rule

Deism is natural religion. The name “Deism” comes from the Latin word (Deus) for “God.” Deists believe that humankind originated intentionally, not accidentally. Since life comes to human beings through no decision or action of their own, this is evidence that life comes from a Source beyond themselves. From the intricate and purposeful designs seen in the world and human

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Getting Together as Christian Deists

Side note: I would love to host weekly Zoom meetings if anyone is interested? Please either contact me via email to the right or leave a comment. Christian Deism is basically a personal religion that is practiced by individuals. It does not require Christian deists to be members of any religious organization. The worship of God is essentially a private

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Christmas and Easter

Side note: My opinion is we should use these holidays to help others as much as possible but not be so immersed in the commercialism and fairy tales of this truly being our teacher’s true birthday. I agree to disagree on some things within with my brother. This essay is written in response to email from readers who asked, “Do

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Who Was Jesus ?

This essay is written in response to readers who have asked me to write some more about the identity of Jesus, and the relationship between Jesus and God. It is understandable that there is confusion about this. In trinitarian Christian churches, the name “Jesus” is used interchangeably with the terms “Son of God” and “God” in sermons and hymns. Trinitarians

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