Who am I? I am nothing but a lost wanderer

An update to my welcoming post. 6/2023

This website commenced as an exploration of the spiritual wisdom found beyond the pages of the Bible, a journey that initially stirred my established faith. My intention was to understand the world and my place within it from a perspective different than what was presented in traditional religious texts.

As my quest deepened, so did the breadth of my curiosity. My mind began to wander towards diverse foundational beliefs, philosophies, and concepts, driving me to expand the scope of this platform to include a myriad of spiritual topics. This change not only reflects my personal evolution but also my commitment to offering a comprehensive spiritual resource for all seekers.

This platform is akin to a vast sea of blogs, texts and videos, each representing an individual’s pursuit of knowledge, sense of self, and understanding of their interconnectedness with the universe. It is a testament to my quest for enlightenment, a chronicle of my musings, a reflection of my thoughts and experiences, all directed towards the fundamental questions of existence.

I share my journey with an open heart, hoping it will resonate with others who are also navigating their spiritual path. This space invites you, fellow seekers, to participate in a shared voyage of discovery. I encourage you to engage in dialogues, share your insights, and question your beliefs. My aspiration is to foster a supportive and enriching community, aiding each other in our unique, yet interconnected spiritual journeys.

Let’s traverse these fascinating landscapes of beliefs and ideas together, growing, learning, and expanding our horizons in the process. Let this be our shared quest for understanding who we are, what we’re a part of, and how we can continually learn more about the universe we inhabit and our roles within it.

More from the original post of 12/2021:

Greetings, fellow seekers! I’m just a regular person living in the Northeast of the USA. My life consists of work and the joy of exploration during my free time. My favorite pastime? Driving around to offer help whenever I can, whether it’s to the homeless, the elderly, or anyone else in need – even a wealthy individual struggling with a flat tire. What I’ve discovered is simple yet profound: I love helping people.

My journey into faith and spirituality began in January 2020, sparked by an overwhelming sense that there’s a force much greater than me at play in this universe. I’m eternally grateful to the Infinite Creator for guiding me to where I am today, especially as I reflect on my past self – a man once consumed by hatred and self-loathing.

A little about my spiritual journey: after spending over 30 years as an atheist, I was reborn into Christianity. This new path revealed previously unimagined doors, enriching my life in ways I hadn’t foreseen. However, the quest for understanding continued to tug at my soul, as I yearned for a deeper understanding than what was typically shared by Youtube pastors or within the walls of churches ranging from Fundamentalist to Reformed Baptist, 7th Day to Quaker. Their messages often felt lacking, bereft of the “meat” I was so desperately seeking.

My struggle with religious dogma grew, particularly with what I perceived as a departure from the path of Love that Jesus championed. Rather than focusing on doomsday scenarios or demands for tithing, I yearned for a community that embodied Jesus’s teachings by actively helping others. After all, what better way to demonstrate gratitude for our rebirth and the power of redemption? This remains my interpretation of passages like Matthew 22:37-40 and Matthew 7:12.

To this day, Jesus remains my spiritual guide, leading me to my current path. I strongly believe in the Christ consciousness and strive daily to follow in His footsteps.

My thirst for spiritual knowledge led me down several fascinating paths, from ancient texts like Enoch and the Nag Hammadi scriptures to the works of Carl Jung, Plato, and Alan Watts, and even to the insightful humor of George Carlin. Discovering the Cayce material led me to the Urantia Book and the Law of One (Ra Material), each deepening my understanding and respect for various spiritual perspectives. I try to take wisdom from each, echoing the sentiment from the Hidden Hand Interview to “take what resonates.”

Presently, I find myself engrossed in The Christ Letters, some works from Yogananda, and concepts of Christian Deism, among others. Whenever things get overwhelming, I turn to Justin Taylor’s site for grounding. Although I don’t know him personally, his work set me on this path of seeking answers outside of traditional scripture. I recommend giving his work a read – it might leave you pondering deeper questions, as it did for me.

So, here I am, just a person continuing to seek, grow, and share what I learn along the way. Welcome to this shared journey of exploration, and may we all find what resonates with us on our unique paths.

The Hidden Hand Interview?

“I have stated throughout our message, that the very last thing I want, is for it to be blindly believed, or taken as ‘gospel’.” ~ Hidden_Hand

I was not even looking for the Hidden Hand interview as I was just in a random LoO Reddit post and saw the link and said what the heck I have an hour to waste. I’m glad I did because it had turned into time well spent for over 24 hours. I was thrown off at first by the ‘attitude’ of HH but then saw that I would have been the same way if in the position of unbiased ridicule and those who obviously didn’t read the interview rules. Myself being dry and sarcastic in nature I found HH’s tones sometimes innocently funny.

I was amazed by the ATS crowd as I am still am now to the current naysayers across the web. There is a solid platform in that interview and it makes me ponder why so many old & new totally cry fake when the same could easily be said about any of the other writings or works. All of this is about what resonates and speaks to us, to our ‘souls’ our minds and surprisingly Hidden_Hand was a part of that for me. I spent months digging into hours of research on LoO / Urantia / Ancients + more & yet HH summed up most of those writings in 24 hours. As long as you can differentiate what role HH & his group play and accept the truth that has to be accomplished by them and apply the opposite? That is fruit. Do I take it all word for word? No, am I supposed to? Again, no. But…

“Never take what another says to you as “Truth”. Your purpose here, is to find your own Truth.” ~ Hidden_Hand

This website is born from a hope that it may cross paths with others who, like me, are on a quest for deeper understanding. It’s an open invitation for like-minded individuals to join in a conversation about the topics we all care about. Will this site be discovered by others? I’m not certain. Perhaps it will touch just one soul. Regardless, creating this platform has been a worthy endeavor.

I offer this site to the universe, entrusting it to decide if this medium will serve as a conduit for meaningful exchange and enlightenment.

Feel free to express your opinions, whether they are founded in disagreement or agreement. Share your ideas, your insights, your perspectives – this space welcomes them all. Even if you are the only person who stumbles upon this platform, know that I wish nothing but the absolute best for you. As your fellow traveler on this spiritual journey, I extend my love to you, my brother or sister. This website is a testament to that offering. Welcome, and may our paths align in this vast cosmos of shared wisdom.

Lost Wanderer

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2 years ago

Welcome to the fold my friend. I wish you the best on your journey and will be sure to check back for more input.

2 years ago

Welcome. I see you’re starting to add more. Keep going. Don’t give up.

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