Trusting the Echo Within: Navigating Words

Believe nothing you do not see or hear yourself, nothing that does not receive the echo of your Heart’s assent, for words are tricks and oft are used to skew the paths of Man. – Anonymous Trust only what you witness with your own eyes and hear with your own ears, my friends. Let not your beliefs be swayed by […]

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Christmas and Easter

Side note: My opinion is we should use these holidays to help others as much as possible but not be so immersed in the commercialism and fairy tales of this truly being our teacher’s true birthday. I agree to disagree on some things within with my brother. This essay is written in response to email from readers who asked, “Do

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Understanding the Four Gospels

We do not know who wrote the “Gospels” of Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John which are in the New Testament. When these books were written, it was a common practice for authors to attribute their writings to well-known persons to lend “authority” to the writings. Matthew and John were two of the original disciples of Jesus. Luke was a physician

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The Theology of Paul

What you usually hear about Jesus today in churches and on TV is an interpretation that comes from the writings of a man named Paul who called himself an “apostle” (messenger) but was not among Jesus’ “twelve” disciples who are also called “apostles.” Paul’s ideas about Jesus are found in letters which he wrote to churches and which were later

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First I personally would like to state that in my opinion these have been grossly misinterpreted to be precise “predictions” with no subset of conditions by Hidden_Hand, they were not. They were scenarios that may or may have not played out depending on what goes on behind the curtains. As clearly stated, Again, it depends upon certain ‘forces’ at play,

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