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Christian Deism: Religion of the Golden Rule

Deism is natural religion. The name “Deism” comes from the Latin word (Deus) for “God.” Deists believe that humankind originated intentionally, not accidentally. Since life comes to human beings through no decision or action of their own, this is evidence that life comes from a Source beyond themselves. From the intricate and purposeful designs seen in the world and human […]

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Religious Education of Children

Side note: This was brother John’s attempt to help others with their children’s learning. At this time I am only posting this as reference like most of his materials. I have received a number of letters from parents asking how their children may obtain a “religious education” outside of a church setting. These parents are familiar with trinitarian churches where

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Getting Together as Christian Deists

Side note: I would love to host weekly Zoom meetings if anyone is interested? Please either contact me via email to the right or leave a comment. Christian Deism is basically a personal religion that is practiced by individuals. It does not require Christian deists to be members of any religious organization. The worship of God is essentially a private

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Christian Deists: Christians Without Churches

People often ask, “Why don’t Christian deists have churches?” The word “church” usually refers to religious organizations that have professional ministers, and buildings for public worship. Christian deists do not have these. Why don’t Christian deists have churches? Primarily, the answer is, “Christian deism is a personal religion. Churches are not necessary in the practice of Christian deism.” But there

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Christmas and Easter

Side note: My opinion is we should use these holidays to help others as much as possible but not be so immersed in the commercialism and fairy tales of this truly being our teacher’s true birthday. I agree to disagree on some things within with my brother. This essay is written in response to email from readers who asked, “Do

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A Christian Deist’s View of Bible Study and Prayer

I have written other essays relating to the practice of Christian deism as a personal religion. In the essay, “Christian Deism as a Personal Religion,” I focused on what it means to “love God” and “love neighbor” as we live each day. I also focused on repentance by us, and our forgiveness of others. In the essay, “Christian Deists: Christians

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Christian Deism as a Personal Religion

I have received e-mail from individuals whose personal beliefs are similar to those expressed in my essays on “Christian Deism.” Some readers ask, “How can I practice Christian deism?” as a personal religion. In my responses to this question, I have promised to write about what it means to be a Christian deist and how Christian deism can be practiced

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Dr. Thomas Young, Early American Deist

Dr. Thomas Young (1731-1777), a prominent physician and patriot during the American Revolution, was an early Deist in America. Thomas Young was the son of John Young who emigrated from Ireland to America with a group of relatives led by Colonel Charles Clinton, a cousin of John Young’s mother, Jane. John Young and his relatives left Ireland in May 1729

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The Importance of Beliefs

(NOTE TO READER: This essay is based on two religious documents written over 300 years ago when spelling and sentence structure were sometimes very different from today. So this essay will not be easy reading, but I will provide some help along the way. Good luck. BJ) How you live is determined by your beliefs. A belief is an idea

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Matthew Tindal, Christian Deist

In 1730, a Christian deist named Matthew Tindal wrote a book entitled Christianity as Old as the Creation: or, the Gospel, a Republication of the Religion of Nature . As implied in this title, Tindal takes the position that the essential truths in Christianity have always been known by all human beings since the creation of the world. According to Tindal, any

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John Locke and Christian Deism

(side note: does anyone else have the issue of instantly thinking of a certain tv show character when seeing this authors name lol) In the early history of deism, four names stand out: Edward Herbert (known as Lord Herbert of Cherbury), Charles Blount, John Locke, and John Toland. I mention these four in my essay entitled History of Christian Deism, but

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Edward Herbert: What is Truth?

In 1624, an Englishman named Edward Herbert (also known as Lord Herbert of Cherbury) wrote a book entitled De Veritate (“Concerning Truth”). Herbert (1583-1648) was later called “the Father of Deism.” Actually, Herbert was not a deist, and he lived and wrote before the deist movement in England. But Herbert proposed that truth can be discovered by the use of reason and

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History of Christian Deism

In the 17th century CE (Christian Era or Common Era), in England, some individuals began to openly oppose church doctrines that appeared unfair or unreasonable. These individuals, who were called “deists,” were opposed to such doctrines as “original sin” which claims that human nature is inherently corrupt or evil because of the “original sin” of “Adam,” the so-called “first” human

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Creed of A Christian Deist

I am pleased that Brother John started this essay with this very important note: ( A creed is a statement of beliefs. From the title above, you can see that this page contains a statement of beliefs of “a” Christian Deist, namely myself. Christian Deism is an individual religion so each Christian Deist must state his/her beliefs in his/her own

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“Deist” and “Christian Deist”

Recently, a college student wrote to me, asking, “What is the difference between a ‘deist’ and a ‘Christian deist’?” My reply is, a “deist” believes that God created the world, including humankind, and God governs the world through natural laws which may be known through observation, experience, and reasoning. A “Christian deist” believes this, too. A “Christian deist” also believes

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An Overview of Christian Deism

Site owners note: These are his words and description of Christian Deist in his opinion. Yet, respectively I must say we are not obligated in any way to accept all of it or any of it as rules / “commandments” of a Christian Deistic belief. I love Brother John’s essays (hence the reason I made these available) yet brothers can

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