Christ’s Letters – A New Approach to the Words of Jesus

I am now mainly focused on what I have been reading for weeks and that is the Christ’s Letters. This is something that is aligned with in ways the LoO but is designed for those of us who wish to follow a “Christ Conscious” but do not feel we are being directed towards this by the religion of man.

Out of all of the material out there these letters unfortunately are the most unknown. Yet that speaks volumes to me as a believer in his teachings. Seek and you shall find.

If you are a member of a Christian, Catholic, Hebrew or even Islam school of thought and/or dogma but wish to see more about the universal aspect of love and oneness with our true Creator I encourage you to visit this site and go in with a open mind. – original Recorder website – All the letters plus study guide

Update 9/23

Found this site that has a lot of useful info as well:

Or listen via Youtube,

May the Father & Mother guide you to wisdom, love and service to others.


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