Don’t Just Stand There

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If I came to your house and made a mess out of your things, stole your possessions, raped your children and your wives, and threw you out of your home by force … would it seem right to you? Would it seen humane? Would it seem natural or unnatural?

Looking at the condition of the world today, this sort of activity takes place every single day … somewhere. If you’re still convinced that some supernatural Deity is going to sweep down out of the sky and put and end to all this, then I suggest you rethink your belief system.

For thousands of years millions of people have suffered, been tortured, killed, raped, murdered, and lived in misery. Where is this God that is going to fix everything? Go look in the mirror. You are it. WE are the ones who did this, and we are the ones who fix this. This is just plain old common sense fact. God/Creative Force provided and environment where we could thrive, not just survive. Everything had its place, and we keep messing it all up.

If someone drops you off in the woods, and you just stand there and do nothing … you will die. Well guess what, we’re deep in the woods right now and if we don’t do something … if we all we do is stand here … then we’re going to die. And so is everyone else who stands with us.

But if WE DO SOMETHING … there’s a good chance we can turn things around. The first thing that needs to happen, is the people must be told the Truth ALWAYS. All people must be empowered to fix their OWN lives, so that they can assist others in fixing theirs. We are ONE RACE, one consciousness. We’re constructed of the same stuff that came from the same place of origin. We are ONE people. Connected NOT separate. There is NO other.

Come to this realization, and reawaken from your slumber. We are sleepwalking and operating out of our unconscious mind. We need to raise our awareness, frequency; and vibration to a higher level. We need to AWAKEN. Seriously step out of our Zombie lifestyle and become conscious again. Our conscious Mind is only active about 1-5% of our day. We have become robots, and in some cases … zombies. We have created the Matrix. And everybody has a choice between the willingness to learn a potentially unsettling or life-changing Truth by taking the red pill, or remaining in contented ignorance with the blue pill. But, there is a Divine Matrix as well.

If you want change … WE have to be the ones to affect that change. God isn’t going to do it, neither is any other Deity figure. Spirit cannot affect in a physical/material low level of vibration that we call matter. Only WE can do it … under Divine direction. And right now, we’re watching our Ferrari roll down Lombard Street in San Francisco with no driver at the wheel. It’s going to crash, burn, and be totaled.

For ages, centuries, decades, millennia, we have waited for someone else to fix everything and it just keeps getting worse. What you are looking for … is what is looking. It’s YOU. And it’s ME. And it’s ALL OF US … collectively as humanity that are going to stop the killing. Stop the stealing. Stop the abuse. Stop the rioting. Stop the wars, Stop the famine, Stop the homelessness.

This New Year … make a resolution to change the way you think and you will change you Life and the Life of those around you … worldwide. A house is built one brick at a time. If you want to move a mountain, you move it ONE rock at a time. But we have to come together. Life a bee colony. Like an any colony. The more ants that join a colony, the more organized they get … via nature. They turn into one giant brain and get the job done because they JUST KNOW what has to be done. So do we … we just forgot. It’s time to re-member. To know that we are all connected by the unconscious fiber of the Universe (YOUniverse). Everything is ONE. Everything, no exceptions.

Just a thought …

~Justin Taylor, ORDM.

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