A Study of Mithraism by M.L.K.

I’m a fan of Martin Luther King as I’m sure most of you are not only did he inspire our bothers and sisters of color but many a human being to do more & be more. His speeches and his work was/is fundamental to our evolution as a country. He spoke of truth, light and love. I am thankful to come accross many of his works while in my studies.

While looking into the “The Mithras Liturgy and Carl Jung”after watching a interview of Carl I was brought back to this paper written by a young MLK on Mithraism and amazed by his honesty and fact finding techniques. A very interesting read for anyone into comparing belief systems. MLK was a beautiful human and he posed a lot of questions that most of us still ponder and unfortunely “they” killed him for asking questions. Always ask questions.

A awesome speech on how Bible Paul would possibly react to the troubled times we encounter in today’s world.
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