Mark Probert The Magic Bag & Yada Speaks

Side note: Hidden Hand fans will find some very intersting simliarities in these texts as well...

Reading through some Law of One the other day I came across a question they had asked RA about a “council” of members. Answered in 7:09 and followed up by 7:10 leading to Mr. Probert and another. After thinking to myself how my name is Mark and someone I am very close to and was thinking about at this same time in the real world named Henry while reading this material that as a fluke alone I should look these two mentioned people up and I am glad I did in Mr. Proberts case (Not that Mr. Puharich wasn’t interesting). What you first grasp about researching the Probert stuff is it’s about UFO’s and Meade Layne but in reality it is definitely not.

It touches on it, it discusses it and it offers explanations to it but it is a underlying thing to keep some interested. The real message is in the conscious & mind discussions. If you are a fan of Christ-mind, consciousness, matrix, metaphysics, physics or more outside of just the little green men thing than I highly suggest you read theses reports. They are very hard to come across. There are none or hardly any mention of them elsewhere on the net, forums or offline and to not see the ‘meat’ in them is beyond me especially if you are a LoO fanatic, A Christ Speaks student, Occult follower, Metaphysics student and others pertaining to channeling. Though did find some info @ &

Even if you don’t care for LoO (which I don’t always) this should still be read but be forewarned some of these things stated especially in the Yada Speaks pdf’s may irritate you if you follow the Christian, Hindustan or occult path. I was led out of Atheism by my faith in Jesus yet I have open eyes and ears to know sometimes he shows me the way not by what man tells me is the way and thus this type of stuff doesn’t bother me as much. Everything with a grain of salt, my friends. And as numerous others have said and so does this Yada, “I am not here to give you the answers I am here to help you find them for yourself.”

These files are in PDF format with searchable text (I converted them to save you the time haha) If anyone ever reads this and finds a clear text layout either online or in a format please let me know. I plan on posting it here soon. Thank you my friends, I leave you in light & love…


Yada Speaks

also available here for a clearer presentation:

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