A Study of Mithraism by M.L.K.

I’m a fan of Martin Luther King as I’m sure most of you are not only did he inspire our bothers and sisters of color but many a human being to do more & be more. His speeches and his work was/is fundamental to our evolution as a country. He spoke of truth, light and love. I am thankful to …

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Christian Deists: Christians Without Churches

People often ask, “Why don’t Christian deists have churches?” The word “church” usually refers to religious organizations that have professional ministers, and buildings for public worship. Christian deists do not have these. Why don’t Christian deists have churches? Primarily, the answer is, “Christian deism is a personal religion. Churches are not necessary in the practice of Christian deism.” But there …

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Practicing Christian Deism

Deism is based on the premise that life is a gift. A gift is something that we receive because someone intended for us to have it. The fact that we have life through no decision or action of our own is evidence that life has been given to us. In using the word “life,” I am referring to the individual …

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Dr. Thomas Young, Early American Deist

Dr. Thomas Young (1731-1777), a prominent physician and patriot during the American Revolution, was an early Deist in America. Thomas Young was the son of John Young who emigrated from Ireland to America with a group of relatives led by Colonel Charles Clinton, a cousin of John Young’s mother, Jane. John Young and his relatives left Ireland in May 1729 …

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The Importance of Beliefs

(NOTE TO READER: This essay is based on two religious documents written over 300 years ago when spelling and sentence structure were sometimes very different from today. So this essay will not be easy reading, but I will provide some help along the way. Good luck. BJ) How you live is determined by your beliefs. A belief is an idea …

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Creed of A Christian Deist

I am pleased that Brother John started this essay with this very important note: ( A creed is a statement of beliefs. From the title above, you can see that this page contains a statement of beliefs of “a” Christian Deist, namely myself. Christian Deism is an individual religion so each Christian Deist must state his/her beliefs in his/her own …

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