As a full-time working Voiceover Talent for the last few decades, I have had my share of scripts to read. But recently, I completed a long project narration for a WWI and WWII museum. It was several sessions with several hours spent telling the stories of these historical events from a perspective I had not experienced before. It was a job like nothing I had ever narrated before.

The statistics, the casualties, the immeasurable tragic waste of lives, materials, planning and strategies … all in an effort to reign death upon humanity to achieve world dominance for financial, military, geographic, and resource gains. I call it MPG. Money, Power, and Greed.

Aircraft, gliders and motorized, ships, supplies, cargo transports, Jeeps, tanks, Helicopters, battleships, shipping crates, manufacturing, destruction, rebuilding, pilfering, raping, mass destruction of property, countless loss of life and the effects on remaining families … the list of staggering costs, financial, emotional, beyond calculation and comprehension.

The war machine created heroes, millionaires, poverty, decorated veterans, industrial growth, maiming, suffering, and a never ending strategic competition to see who could kill better, faster, and more. Suicide missions, crash landings at night into dense forest, unknown territories and languages, unsure if you’re taking out an ally, or an enemy. And who was it that drew the line in the sand of friend or foe? Are we not ALL human beings?

1,000 dead. 100,000 dead. 300,000 dead. The numbers climbed as the bombs fell and the shells rang out. Before the Normandy Invasion, standing shoulder to shoulder, soldiers were told that only 50% of them might survive. The bravery and Patriotism can never be overlooked, but the cause that brought about the effect can never be overlooked either. The cause of ALL wars is that somebody, somewhere, got MAD, and then somebody else got MAD back. But here’s the fact behind getting mad, and pay attention because this is crucial – “no one can make you mad.” I’ll repeat that, no one can MAKE you mad. You have to CHOOSE to get mad. It is a personal choice that YOU control. If everyone exercised their own personal control against getting mad, then no one would get mad. Imagine that?

Imagine a football game, one teams heads over the endzone with the ball and scores. Do we then attack and kill the other team? NO. We improve our defense. We find better ways to guard our endzone. A hurricane hits Miami. Homes are destroyed, lives are ruined, millions of dollars are lost … but do we try and go after nature and kill it? NO. We find better ways to defend ourselves, our homes, and our cities. In a football game, somebody wins. In war, nobody wins. everybody loses … even the “victors.”

In the 80’s movie with Matthew Broderick called “War Games,” the war simulator computer that could actually take over in wartime conditions was named “Joshua.” The name in Hebrew means (Yehoshua), in Latin (Iesus), and in Greek (Iesous) later transliterated into English as Jesus. After what appeared to be an actual attack from an enemy, J.O.S.H.U.A. took over and it seemed as if there had been launched an all out world war. However, after watching all the events on the screens in the command center, Joshua stopped it all, and it was then realized it was just a computer simulation. The reason Joshua (the computer) stopped the simulation, was that the computer came to the conclusion that there could be no winner. it was GAME OVER. Why play a game, if no one wins?

“A strange game. The only winning move is not to play. How about a nice game of chess?”


WAR spelled backwards is RAW. Unrefined, unprocessed, not processed or purified, and in archaic Latin and Greek it was related to blood, and raw flesh. What goodness can this lead to? Why is mankind so hellbent on death and destruction that for millennia it has gone literally unbroken. If something does not benefit mankind, the animal kingdom, the mineral kingdom, and the plant kingdom, then why do we do it? Why do we CAUSE it knowing full well the EFFECT of what consequences will be brought forth. Life was not given by Source/God/Universe/Absolute to be snuffed out and taken away before it’s natural expiration. But yet we kill, attack, and maim every day all over the world. There are no benefits, only consequences.

So why do it? Money, perhaps? Control? Greed? Profit? Just like cancer, and Big Pharma, war is BIG business. Huge business. And most of the companies that benefit financially are companies controlled, owned, and/or operated by the Global Elite. They own the world so they care not if there is a winner or not. They ALWAYS win, or at least this is what they believe. Imagine a game between two football teams. If both teams are owned by the same company, what do the owners care about which team wins. THEY win either way. What if the democrats and the republicans were under the same managerial authority? Would it matter to them who wins? You see, the best way to CONTROL your opposition … is to LEAD and OWN the opposition. If you own you, AND the other guys, it’s always WIN-WIN.

Billions exchange hands within the great war machine. And lives and families are destroyed. Peace is destroyed. The next time you’re at a grocery store waiting in line with a couple of people that have young children in their carts … watch the children. They interact, they laugh, they don’t see colour, religion, hatred, envy … because WE havent taught it to them yet. Magicians hate doing magic tricks for kids because they get busted. The children haven’t been programmed yet to “watch THIS hand,” so they watch them both and catch the illusion. Adults just go “wow,” how did he do that?

So now comes my closing and the reason for the title of this article “God And War.” For as far back as we have recorded history, and alternative history, mankind has been at war. For much of the time, it was warring over who’s God was better that the other’s God, etc. You know the stories. If you were to take the Bible stories as literal and historical (which most people do), you would conclude that this Old Testament God was a blood thirsty maniacal mountain God of the Hebrews named “YHWH,” or Yahweh, Yah, Jehovah, and many other names. Please also remember, originally the Hebrews were not monotheistic until they learned from Pharaoh Akhenaten / Moses (believed to be one and the same) and switched from polytheism to monotheism. But thats for another chapter. The point I am making is this. All of the Bible stories are veiled in metaphor and allegory for a much deeper message … for “those with eyes to see, and ears to hear.” All the murderous rampages and destruction, and mayhem credited to “God” were written as allegory and NOT intended as historical and literal events by the writers. Also, for another chapter.

So we now get to my point to ponder. Does who or what we believe this God/Absolute/Source really care what we do to each other? Seriously? If YOUR children were fighting and took out weapons, wouldn’t you step in as their Father (or Mother) and stop the ensuing madness … or would you let them exercise their “unbridled free will” with no direction or interaction. Of course NOT. Why would you let your creations, your sons and daughters, kill, or maim themselves? Unless you were simply an “inactive parent.” You know, the kind that doesn’t get involved. Kind of like God and how he doesn’t get involved in the murder, torture, killing, rapes, disease, illness, nature disasters, etc. Most followers would list this under “well thats why God gave us free will,” or … “we just don’t questions God’s motives.”

Now, here we go. The reason GOD/ABSOLUTE/SOURCE who is Omniscient (all knowing), Omnipotent (all powerful), and Omnipresent (everywhere) and yet does not step in to change these events … is … because … WE ARE the earthly representatives of GOD. Because collectively, WE are everywhere, have the knowingness, and all the power. Do you understand? Source Energy is Spirit, not functional in a physical world of matter/form. it is US who are the ones that can transmute hatred and abuse into love and compassion. Its is US who can say “enough with the wars.” WE are the ones commissioned to transform chaos into order. Darkness into light. Evil into Good. WE DO IT. If WE don’t do it … it simply won’t get done. Not by God or Devil or any other Supernatural thing that you happen to believe will rise up and change the world.

The man in the red cape is from Hollywood. Sure Superman can stop the world from spinning, reverse time, extract a dead Lois Lane from her car, and alter the event from ever having taken place. But that’s the stuff movies are made of. But, if we all came together and came to the Truth and realization that we are one essence of the entire organism of this vast universe and that what we do to “other” we do ourselves, then perhaps we would fully understand how to use the power that is truly greater than we are. God in this world is collectively, exactly who we are – ONE RACE, ONE BODY, ONE PEOPLE, ONE. Awaken my friends … If WE don’t do it … if we don’t make the changes, there won’t be a man in a red cape flying down to save us from the peril WE collectively created in the first place.

Just a thought …

~Justin Taylor, ORDM.

Brought to you by a good man @ https://werdsmith.com/p/qwJRh65xfxm7zb

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