We all have ONE central nervous system, running through the spine (the serpent/snake). 12 cranial nerves (12 apostles) leading to the brain. Notice the side of our skull is called “the temple” because this is where God/Source sits upon the throne. The place in the New Testament story where Jesus was crucified is called “Golgotha.” This translates to “place of the skull.” Within us lie two opposing forces – God, and Satan. This is Divine Higher-Self consciousness, and ego-based lower-self consciousness. Stay with me.

The central network for the nervous system is the solar plexus. The word origins of “solar plexus” is a reference to resemblance between the radial network of nerves and ganglia, and the rays of the sun. This sun, is the Sun of God, and all that we are, radiates FROM here. It is there, within the Mind where our self-centered ego will crucify Jesus (the old nature man), and where upon illumination, we come to the reality that the Christ Consciousness is within us, and then resurrects as the Divine Christ (the new Divine nature Son of God).

So in order for us to learn and discern the difference between our opposing powers of God (Divine Self) and Satan (ego-self), we are presented with duality. But these TWO things are actually ONE thing presented in a range of polarity so that we know the fruits from the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil (bad). Duality exists in everything, but is in reality a range of one principle. Such as cold and hot, day and night, smooth and rough, bright and dim, soft and hard, tall and short, and pleasure and pain.

Both pleasure and pain are sourced in our one central nervous system. Electrically. kinetically, and as far as energy and information, they are delivered to us exactly the same … from ONE system and are exactly the same except for the range of polarity in which we sense them. Pleasure feels good, pain does not. But they are both a feeling.

If we did not have pain, we would not know pleasure. If we did not have darkness, we would not know light. We need them both, we need to eat from both trees, to find our way back to the Tree of Life. The goodness, righteousness, and pleasure that Life can bring. The serpent in the garden (the Mind) is the catalyst for us to appreciate goodness and pleasure. If everyday was sunny, we would not know what a rainy day was like.

Even energy and all things around us in the realm of the unseen function and operate based on positive and negative charges. Electrons, protons, neurons, molecules, atoms, everything that comprises all things including sound waves, light waves, radio waves, all are in flux and moving up and down all the time. Even the waves of the ocean are up and down. Everything experience is our life is either up or down. They cannot be both at the same time. But we can handle the ups and downs spiritually and emotionally with our free will and perception.

You’ve never truly seen yourself. You can’t. Because your eyes are in your face/head, and the visual center of perception is located within the darkness of your brain. To see an image of your entire self, you would need a reflection. Once you have seen the reflection, you learn and know that the reflection is nothing but an illusion, but it is there to show you … YOU. We need TWO so that we can see there is ONE.

Therefore, both pleasure and pain are the same … just varying degrees of polarity. On one end of the spectrum there is the positive pleasure, and on the opposite end is the negative pain. Same line of reference, same system of delivery, so the two are one. This was also the teaching of Adam (positive/masculine) having Eve (negative/feminine) taken from his “side” (rib was the wrong word translation). It was Adam finding Eve and creating one union. We are each masculine and feminine. We are all Creators of our reality. The two become as one, and there is Love. The begotten of God/Source.

I hope you got something out of this one. It is a very long and deep teaching that is difficult to present in one short chapter. More will come in later writings.

Just a thought …

~Justin Taylor, ORDM.

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