The shorter version of this topic is “when you know, you know.” You see, when you find out something that you didn’t know anything about, you can no longer deny that you don’t know it. It can’t go away. You cannot erase the new in-formation that you have been exposed to.

As a child, you learned and then knew the stove was hot and didn’t touch it. You learned that running faster than your feet could handle would result in falling and being injured. You learned 2+2=4. You learned that kid named David in your 8th grade class was a bully. You learned once in a while your parent tossed back a beer after you went to sleep. The examples are endless – but the important thing is – once you know, you know. There is no way around this.

We can turn our head from tragedy but we still know about it. We can turn our head from a car accident but we know it happened. We can turn our head from a dead animal in the road but we still know that it wasn’t a rag or shoes that fell out of a truck. We just KNOW. The things that enter our sensory perception centers in our brain, are there to stay.

Knowing this, then it can be understood that when we ignore something that we already know, it won’t simply go away or dissolve. Whistling or singing to the radio at a traffic light, won’t erase the existence of the homeless man walking up and down the median asking for spare change. We know he is there. Yet, many do their best to ignore him, hoping that perhaps he’ll just go away. He won’t. He’s still homeless and in need, whether you ignore them or not.

There are also things that we choose not to know about. Things we avoid because we don’t want what we think, act upon, or believe to be altered in any way. We want change at times, but we’re not willing to participate in the process. We may not like it, or we may not want it, or we may be scared or fearful of new and different information.

But whether we choose to know or not, or are fearful of acceptance, doesn’t change the fact that the new information may be true, and real. Not knowing about it, doesn’t change whether it is Truth, or illusion. It may very well be raining outside even though you don’t believe it. This goes for business, industry, financial, education, politics, government, and even the religious system that you follow.

Within ALL things you will find Truth and Illusion. Good and bad. Right and wrong. This is the duality of one that we need to discern what is right and beneficial for all people everywhere, and what is not. Once the Truth of a thing becomes known, the illusion dissipates into the phantom that it is. And then we KNOW. And we cannot UNKNOW.

The advancement of Higher Consciousness and deeper awareness is dependent on humanity to progress, not regress. We can no longer “ignore” what we know. Knowingness allows us to raise our consciousness and to become better people individually and collectively. There are some things that are built-in from birth. Things you KNOW to be true and correct, the moment you witness them or experience their display. There is a Divine light of consciousness from Source Energy within all of us as a guide … and intuition.

When we do things that are “wrong,” many times we feel a sinking emotion in our solar plexus … that gut feeling. We must pay more attention to these instincts. This is our life GPS sending signals with the proper directions. When we don’t listen to the still small voice within, we may become lost, or make a error in judgement (sin/mis-take), and usually the result will be consequences and not benefits.

In closing, take more time to desire to know, and less time avoiding to know. In the end, we will all benefit. The more we know, the more we grow spiritually, emotionally, and physically.

Just a thought …

~Justin Taylor, ORDM.

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