This chapter is dedicated to my friend and Mentor, Curtis Paul. Curtis transitioned home on July 23rd, 2019 at only 56 years of age. But his Wisdom, was well beyond his years.

How many times have you tossed a coin into a Wishing Well or a fountain and cast your wishes to the unseen powers? We all have desires we wish to come true. We even make a wish when blowing our the candles on our Birthday Cake. But what is it that we wish for? It’s usually something of great importance. Something that bypasses our ego and comes from the Spirit/heart. Love, health, happiness, peace … All part of the hearts desire, and the desire of the Divine within.

Rarely is someone going to wish for a new lawn mower, custom paint for the Harley, rims for the car, or even a big-screen TV for the family room. It is always something of great personal VALUE that goes beyond material things. Notice how we toss in a coin (something of value) in exchange for something else of value? We are willing to trade MONEY, for SPIRIT-FILLED wishes. My friend Curtis Paul added while we were discussing this … never do we use a slug, or counterfeit coin … It MUST be real, in order to exchange it for something REAL.

Note also that once we make the wish, and toss the coin, we are finished. “IT IS FINISHED.” We turn it over to the unseen powers of the Universe, and we detach … Releasing it forever out of our hands. We simply KNOW that there is a force within and without ALL things that will bring forth thoughts, words, and deeds. We do not return to the Well to check on progress or wish again, we just detach and let be what will be. We don’t worry about it, obsess about it, or become anxious about it. How awesome it would be if we were to do this with EVERYTHING.

We are co-creators of this Universe. Every thought, word, and action originates in Mind. Yours, mine, and everyone else’s. Before ANYTHING can manifest, or become material/matter, it first begins with thought energy. Then, spoken word … Desire and affirmation, THEN, when enough thought and word energy comes together it will congeal. It will begin to form matter as we know it. Matter is energy manifest in form. “In the beginning, the Earth (matter) was formless (unseen-Spirit) and void (unlimited potentiality).” All that ever was, and ever will be is already here and NOW. The time is always NOW. Past, present, and future exist in the here and NOW. Once you understand this principle, you can use the power of the unseen for great things.

“The thing that hath been, it is that which shall be; and that which is done is that which shall be done: and there is no new thing under the sun.”

~Ecclesiastes 1:9

Now back to the Wishing Well for a moment. Notice how we don’t go back(wards) to the fountain and “take-back” our coin, or our wish? Except for Mouth (Goonies) … We leave it there and let it bring forth what it may. Notice also how INTENSE we were at the time of the wish? We close our eyes, we concentrate, we center, we come to NOW, we take our time … Really affirm what it is that is our hearts desire … And then … When the time is right – we toss it to the waters of Life and walk away in knowingness that there really is nothing else to do. We have turned it over to that which brings breath, Life, and consciousness to all the living.

Learn from this inherent system of desire. Do not say “I want” For this will only bring forth more WANT. Say: “I choose to manifest _.” Use the great “I AM” whenever possible. Keep your tense in the present. Keep your focus in the here and now. FEEL the feeling as if it has already happened. Keep your heart in charge … Bypassing the ego and carnal mind. The Power within you KNOWS what is best for you and for all living things. Trust it. Listen to hear that still small voice that will guide you through all of your experiences. Remain thankful and grateful for ALL things … Good and un-good. For even in The darkness, light and Love will finds its way. Be mindful and thoughtful as you create. Tend your garden of Mind as a Gardener would tend the fields.

In John 20, Mary believes Jesus to be a Gardener. She then recognized him and called him “Teacher.” Plant the seed now as a Gardener would, and KNOW there will be a harvest … When nature is ready. There is no need go into the field and dig it up to see if it is growing. Just KNOW that it is. Be sure the seeds you plant will be beneficial to all, and harm no-one.

In closing, may you have all that you wish. This is the Law of the Youniverse. Namaste.

Just a thought,

Justin Taylor, ORDM.

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