How many times do we set a clear intention for what we seek … an intention that is pure of heart? Here, is where the blessing awaits. Our motive, should be an unselfish desire for the best possible outcome for all, without having a selfish agenda that only suits our ego. In other words, going after a goal in a way that forces us to conform to a pattern of action that we don’t actually want to do, but do it for the end result of a self centered desire. An ulterior motive that goes against our Divine nature, and manifests as an ego based process, rather than a process that is pure of heart.

Example: I invite a friend to dinner, knowing that he owns a box truck and I’m going to be moving soon. It wasn’t my intention to have him for dinner as an offer of friendship, but rather to seek an end result of borrowing his truck for my upcoming move. The intent, was not pure of heart, and not beneficial for all, but rather a selfish motivation to use him for my own personal needs. Another example would be staying late at work, going above and beyond what is expected of me in an effort to try and get a raise and praise … even though I don’t really have the desire to work late or go the extra mile. My motivation is the raise … money and recognition … rather than performing well because I really love my job and want to help everyone around me.

Our intention is the key to all manifestation. Examine your motives. Clarify your intent. Choose a beneficial path suitable for ALL. Socrates offered a triple-filter test to one of his students. The student wanted to tell home something. But first, Socrates offered him the test before speaking. There were three questions: “Is what you’re about to tell me, True?” Is what you’re about to tell me, good? “Is what you’re about to tell me, useful? If the answer to any of these is NO, then don’t say it. We can take this lesson one step further … and apply it to our thoughts, feelings, and actions. When we set our intentions with the right motive, then and only then, will we see Divine manifestation in full bloom, rather than egocentric base-nature scattered ramblings.

“Do nothing from rivalry or conceit, but in humility count others more significant than yourselves.”

~Philippians 2:3 ESV

Deeds are prompted by thoughts that have vitality colour, that evoke feeling. Only then do they have enough force to result in action. Scattered incoherent thoughts that drift from one thing to the other are sterile and arouse no feeling, and therefore no proper action. Feelings are behind every action. A right feeling is necessary to produce a right action. Feelings can create either positive energy, or actually exhaust it. By analyzing this, mankind develops will. Through the development of will, superior feelings will build a storehouse of energy and harmony, while inferior feelings lead to weakness and imbalance. Will is the key to manifestation of this great source of energy. Man is constantly cooperating with superior forces, or inferior forces. He cannot be neutral. The Bible says: “you are either for me, or against me.” There is no neutral.

“Even a child is known by his deeds, whether his work be pure, and whether it be right.”

~Proverbs 20:11

Always examine your motive. Set the proper intention. Use your will to connect with the Divine within you and listen for direction from that still small voice. Good deeds are morality based. They can benefit you, society, the community, and humanity as a whole. Make a choice that is beneficial and suitable for ALL. Your motive, will determine the outcome well beyond your own personal egocentric benefit.

Just a thought …

Justin Taylor, ORDM.

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