One of the Universal Laws is Polarity. It is a “range” of one principle. For example, hot and cold are ranges of temperature. Smooth and rough are a range of texture. Day and night are a range of light. There are many others, good and bad, black and white, happy and sad, all extremes of one principle. Nothing escapes this Law. So, if you are in darkness, you are in the absence of the other end of the spectrum … light. So darkness is the absence of light. Somewhere along the way, as with the use of a dimmer switch, there is a range dial of sorts. As you turn the dial, you go from darkness to light, and from light to darkness. But where is it that we decide what is light, and what is dark. Where is it along that dial that makes one change from the other. It is simply a range, a position, it is a gradual transition from one to the other. But there is a dial … a catalyst to use as a tool for the actual transition.

Positive and negative are frequently cast as good and bad. But they are not seen that way in the Law of Polarity. They are simply opposites of the same principle. When you look at a battery, there is a positive side and a negative side. But there is no good side or bad side to a battery. The same for magnets. Positive and negative, but not good and bad. Just polarity … measurement across a scale. Even our calendars are positive and negative based on the acceptance of the year zero. This means everything forward of zero is plus, and everything backwards of zero is minus. For example the year 2,ooo is +2,000 or 2,000CE. The year 2,000BCE is then -2,000. The reference point is zero. Like the needle on a gauge. If you’re using a metal detector, there is a needle (or beeping) that is the indicator of getting closer to metal. The closer you get to one side of the dial, the needle moves closer to that side. The further you get, the needle moves to the other side. It is the needle … that is the indicator. Just as zero on a weight-balancing scale uses a center position needle when items are properly balanced.

The Law of Polarity gives us a range of the same thing. They are two extremes of one thing. Positive and negative are merely steps and measurement along the path of one principle. Whether you’re experiencing a good day, or a bad day … what you are truly experiencing is a day with the potentiality of good or bad (un-good) events. Everything is potential. We create the world around us through our thoughts, decisions, beliefs, and actions. There are immutable Laws that guide the universe. They can be used for benefit, or for consequences. It is up to us how to use them. We have our own inner needle or pointer that helps guide our way through the various polarities of every situation we think about or experience. Listen to your internal GPS, to guide you through the negative and positive polarities on your way to discerning the intended position along the way of the principle you are experiencing.

Just a thought …

~Justin Taylor, ORDM.

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