Let’s start off this writing with the etymology (word origin) of the word “disturbance.” It has several definitions: “mental distress, disruption of peace or unity, to stop or hinder, to throw into disorder, to frighten, and to stir up and agitate.”

And as for the word “peace.” It also has several meanings. “reconcilliation, silence, absence of war, safety, welfare, prosperity, and quiet.”

There are multiple ways that people are able to “disturb the peace.” Of course, one way is through municipal laws – making too much noise at late hours, causing fights and riots, etc. But I am much more concerned with disturbance of our Inner Peace. Because once we become a “peacemaker,” then all else falls into place.

In the New Testament Bible “Sermon On The Mount” Jesus is quoted as having said: “blessed are the peacemakers.” A very important statement … and much deeper than one would think. Because we cannot force peace on anyone else. We can intercede and become peacekeepers between two countries, neighbors, employees, or children; but they still may hate each other. All we do as peacekeepers is keep them at bay from attacking each other. But a “peaceMAKER” is one who has made peace WITHIN himself. Just as you cannot make two people love each other, you cannot make two people live in peace with each other. It simply cannot be accompished from the outside in … it must travel from the inside out. And it is a personal accomplishment.

There are numerous ways that disturing the peace inwardly can affect us. Opinions, noise, traffic, politics, multiple conversations, ambience, loud music, abusive relationships, and an endless host of distractions aimed at disturbing our peace. If we cannot be at peace within, then we cannot be at peace without. As above, so below … as within, so without, etc. We all must find ways to connect to the Divine realm of inner peace – even if it’s just for 10 or 15 minutes a day. Whether it is centered prayer, meditation, contemplative prayer, or just sitting in the peaceful surroundings of nature.

When we do this, we greatly minimize our base animal nature fight or flight … the same as stress. The stress that affects our body in a stressful working environment, does the same things to our bodies as if we were running from a hungry bear. It is meant to be used for short bursts … a means of protection from danger. But in most work environments, you are in that condition all day, and then you bring it home with you.

All of us must find a way to stop “disturbing the peace” within, and find tranquility, balance, and joy at some point in our daily lives. It is imperative to our mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical health. Remember, most illness and disease begins in Mind, before it manifests into form and makes your body sick. Go on a nature hike once in a while. Listen to a running stream. And … stay thirsty for knowledge my friends … but above all, do not disturb the peace within you.

Just a thought …

Justin Taylor, ORDM.

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