Let’s begin with a Bible verse that describes the words spoken at the crucifixion at the moment when Jesus “gave up his Spirit”:

“Then the sun was darkened, and the veil of the temple was torn in two. And when Jesus had cried out with a loud voice, He said, “Father, ‘into Your hands I commit My spirit …”

~Luke 23:45-46

Jesus uses the same phrase found in Psalm 31: “You will pull me out of the net which they have secretly laid for me, for You are my strength. Into your hands I commit my spirit.”

In the original King James translation, the word commend is used, rather than commit. Let’s go to these words for a moment. To commend means to “entrust someone to the care or protection of someone” within the broader meaning of “to entrust for safekeeping.” Entrust means “to commit, to give for safe keeping.”

For a moment, set aside the literal and historical story of this event, and go deeper into the metaphysical and esoteric message veiled from within. When you surrender spiritually, you stop forcing solutions on situations you can’t control, and instead trust and have knowingness that there is a Divine force taking care of everything in a perfectly orchestrated manner.

Within this “surrender,” you can connect fully with God/Source where the whole (holy) universe conspires to support you. You can become timeless, eternal, infinite, filled with joy, and fearless. Your aspirations and desires are surrendered to a higher power. Your individual desires dissolve into “Thy will be done.”

We crucify the concept of letting our ego lead us, and we accept the transition towards following Christ … the Divine Spark within mankind. We let the Divine lead us, instead of our base nature man. We listen for that still small voice within, to be our internal guidance system.

In the verse from Luke, it also speaks of the temple, and of the veil being torn (rent) in two. The “temple” is on both sides of the skull. The crucifixion took place at Golgotha (also called Calvary), which literally means “place of the skull.” Great suffering takes place within the Mind of man.

Our brains are divided into two hemispheres. The left brain handles reading, writing, and calculations … the logical side of the brain. The right brain is more visual and deals in images more than words … the creative. It processes information in an intuitive and simultaneous manner. It is the place of our Divine connection. The corpus callosum connects the two brain hemispheres, permitting communication between the right and left sides of the brain. Science calls it, the veil. It functions much in the same way an Ethernet would work in a computer environment.

“The veil was torn in two” (Luke 23:45) is the merging of both right and left … The unification of man and God. This is the moment we commit our Spirit to God, the Divine Spark of Christ Consciousness within us. Preceding this verse, it says: “It was now about noon, and darkness came over the whole land until three in the afternoon.” It is in our darkness moments that we find the Light of God. It is from the darkness that the Light will shine. Here, is where we will find our True Self. Our Higher Self. The Witness, the Observer. We trust and KNOW there is a Divine Architect that aligns the stars, the planets, and everything within and without us. And we come to the realization that we simply allow all that we experience.

That which you resist, will continue to persist. Scriptures say: “do not resist evil.” The more we push against illusion, the stronger is becomes. When we allow the default of all that is, all the pieces of the great puzzle begin to fall into place. We stop swimming upstream, and just float in the current. We “commit our Spirit into the hands of God.” We release the ego from its false leadership, and through the Spirit within, we trust in the Father of all that is.

The observable and expanding Universe has been in motion for over 14 billion years, with Mother Earth in motion for 4.5 billion years. Man, as we are today, has been here for 200,000 years. Trust in the process. We are but a blip on the map of physical creation and form, and yet … we are eternal in Spirit through the energy of our Source/God. For ever, and ever, amen. Enjoy the ride.

Just a thought …

Justin Taylor, ORDM.

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