Spirit/God/Source functions in our lives to provide us with information of a higher nature. The answers to our deepest questions and yearnings are conveyed to us from God/Source in a amazing process. The “Inner Spirit” is a gift that functions in our Mind as the conduit or circuit by which higher information is conveyed to our Higher Self.

Located in the highest layers of our consciousness, this wonderful gift actively takes OUR beliefs and feelings and reflects Spirit’s perspective ONTO them. We are given the capacity to think as God thinks when we, with intention and attention, desire to become more Spirit-like, more God-conscious … our Divine Spark, or Christ Consciousness.


We grow in our relationship with our Inner Spirit through our decisions. The more we choose to respond to the circumstances and situations in our lives in a higher way, the Inner Spirit lovingly and devotedly creates the ideas in our Mind that feed us with information and inspiration – those flashes of insight, or perhaps the answer to a question coming in an innovative or fresh idea or concept. The information builds in our being over time and helps us to look at life in a different way … in a better and more positive light. Sometimes, its an AH-HA moment.


Activating and building a relationship with our Inner Spirit happens when we take time during the day to quiet the Mind, and take the time to ask for the higher information to weave into our everyday thoughts. We should ask our Inner Spirit questions about our Life. The answers will come in time through this process of quieting the noise of our mental chatter (I call it monkey chatter).

Stilling the Mind is the fundamental step to take in allowing the spiritual energy in Mind to relax the body so what God/Source Energy wants to direct to you can resonate within. The universe within and without, is always broadcasting, and we have to take the time to receive the message … to download the file. Spending time away from the busyness of the day distances us from the usual thoughts we think, so that the thoughts that Spirit would like our Higher Self to think, can grow within Mind and body.


Spending this quiet time in spiritual contemplation or meditation gives our Inner Spirit the opportunity to convey feelings of peace, love, joy, strength, courage, faith, patience and tolerance to help us continue to live our lives better through our Higher Self. Our Inner Spirit gives us the picture of who we really are and helps us to recognize our Divine Life Plan … so we can follow and achieve it more consciously.


In allowing the Thoughts of God/Source Energy through our Inner Spirit to reflect love and Truth into the Mind and body, we are laying the foundation for the plans of Spirit within, to move us further away from our base animal nature, and closer into union with our Higher Divine Nature; thus enabling us to become more of who we really are – a intricate and integral expression of creativity and love as an individualized essence of the entire universe.

Just a thought …

~Justin Taylor, ORDM.

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