So what’s it gonna be today? What is your desire? Would you like to manifest a good day, or a bad day? Well, you can have either one … if you think, decide, and believe it. Your subconscious mind is your magic tool. Whatever you implant into the incubator, then that is what will become.

This is the Law of Cause And Effect and it is a universal immutable Law. Some call it Karma, which literally means “doing” … so then it is YOUR doing. For every effect, there must be a cause. Now, also keep in mind there are going to be outside influences and the effects of what “other” has created that you will have to deal with as well. This is the Law of Balance – it is duality that we use to discern and to balance the scales.

First, begin with your very OWN responsibility. What you actually have control over. Your OWN thoughts, conclusions, decisions, and concepts of what YOU desire. These will form what you will believe to happen, and create. Remember also, that the subconscious Mind works in positive images. This is VERY important. If you tell yourself “I won’t have a bad day” the Mind hears “bad day” and thats what you’ll get. Instead, think “I will have a good day” and the Mind hears “good day” and thats what you’ll get. It’s like trying to draw a picture of someone NOT walking. It can’t be done. They are either walking … or they are doing something else. There is no picture or image of someone doing a “not walk.” Got it?

Second, understand you will be subject to the Karma (cause and effect) of others … collectively. How you handle this is the key to your inner joy and tranquility. We find ourselves saying things like “well, he made me lose my temper.” Or, “she made me mad.” The TRUTH is … no one can MAKE you mad. Once you grasp this concept, you will remain in control of your situations.

You see, no matter what someone else says or does, YOU have to make a conscious choice to GET mad. This is a choice and a decision that is entirely yours. No one can make you mad, you have to choose to get mad. This is the difference between reaction, and response. Most of us would react … scream, holler, throw some things around. But if we take a few extra moments for evaluation and intuitive guidance, we will respond rather than react. It’s a calculated, informed decision versus a knee-jerk reaction.

In all the universe there is undulation and change. Ups and downs. Ins and outs. Ebb and flow. Like the waves of the ocean, what goes up, must come down. When we ride that wave … when stay centered and keep our balance, we will find that we can remain good when things are good, and good when things are not so good. We can balance the scale … and stand in the center of perfect balance in our Life.

So set your mind to work on both a subconscious, and conscious level. Make sure both machines are in harmony. When they are joined together, it is as if we have wings to fly. This is the child or offspring of our Mind. The masculine and feminine become one, and it is the power of the third entity (Spirit/Soul) that unites them.

Just a thought …

Justin Taylor, ORDM.

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