Whether you’re using a mantra or affirmations, an important thing to remember is this: when you command the superconscious/Divine Mind (your Higher-Self), you must focus only on the end result which you desire. Never try to dictate how superconsciousness Source Energy will accomplish its miracles.

The superconscious Mind is far more clever and resourceful than you can possibly imagine. If it is headed off in one direction, it is not discouraged and does not give up, for it knows that there are ten thousand other ways to achieve a desired goal. If, through your own thoughts and preconceptions, you try to tell the superconscious Mind how to do its work, you will only limit its options and restrict the magic which can unfold. You will hinder your own desired results. In a sense … let go, and let God.

The superconscious realm of your Mind is a magnificent thing. It takes great delight in working to accomplish literally anything you desire. Desire is a very strong force, and when you use it to stimulate the superconscious Mind into action, it will be thrilled to bring you your heart’s desire in ways you never dreamed possible. Just know and believe that it already IS. You just have to receive it. All that ever existed, and all that will ever exist … already does. It’s all HERE. After all, where else would it be?

Another thing you should know is this: the superconscious realm of Mind does not judge your thoughts before it responds to them. It does not differentiate between pain or pleasure, sorrow or happiness, grief or joy, good or un-good. A better way to state it is, no feelings or emotions are pleasant or unpleasant to the superconscious Mind. Its job is to transform thought patterns into matter/form – ALL thought patterns – with no opinion. And it couldn’t possibly do the job it is meant to do if it were to first judge your thoughts as good or bad, happy or unhappy, worthy or unworthy. Leave that to your ego. Just don’t listen to the ego as the final word. Instead, focus on and listen to your Divine Higher-Self. That still small voice within.

This very simple Inner Mystery is a revelation which can help everyone achieve whatever they desire. Change your thought patterns, and you change your life … it is inevitable. If you think thrilling thoughts, the superconscious?Divine Mind will flood your Life with thrilling things, instead of miserable things. It is said misery loves company … so does love, peace and joy.

“ The key is to keep company only with people who uplift you, whose presence calls forth your best.”

~ Epictetus (55–135 C.E.)

Just a thought …

~Justin Taylor, ORDM.

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