What Being Ignorant Really Means

To begin, let’s take a very close look at the meaning of the word “ignorant.” A good place to start for clarity’s sake, is to look it up in the dictionary:




1. lacking knowledge information, or awareness in general; or about something in particular, uneducated or unsophisticated.

– synonyms: uneducated, unknowledgeable, untaught, unschooled, untutored, untrained, illiterate, unlettered, unlearned, unread, uninformed, unenlightened, benighted, without knowledge of, unaware of, unconscious of, oblivious to, incognizant of, unfamiliar with, unacquainted with, uninformed about, ill-informed about, unenlightened about, unconversant with, inexperienced in/with, naive about.

So, now that we have a pretty good understanding of the word, we can conclude that it does not mean “stupid” as some folks may think it does. Stupid is as stupid does, however, ignorance can be defeated, by a personal transformation from UN-knowing … to KNOWing.

Anyone can become UN-ignorant. They can go from uneducated, to educated … uninformed, to informed, unaware, to aware … inexperienced, to experienced. In a much deeper esoteric sense, the concept of “sin” is based in ignorance. Thinking or acting upon wrong decisions based in lack of knowledge.

“My people perish for lack of knowledge.”

~Hosea 4:6

You’ve heard the term “the dumbing down of America” and it is directly connected to not only our educational system needing a major overhaul, but also in the media programming aimed at keeping people enslaved to the system and it’s agenda, rather than offering them personal freedom and spiritual empowerment.

The Ancient Mystery Schools, thousands of years ago taught Truth, Philosophy, Medicine, Health, Spirituality, Astrology, Architecture, and numerous other subjects that eventually led to the building of major civilizations and their centers of advanced communities. Greece, Egypt, Rome, et al. There are things they accomplished back then that we can’t even replicate today.

There were no video games, Cable TV, iPods, DVD’s, movies, CD’s, or any other mind-numbing thought-killing paraphernalia back then. There was theatre, books and scrolls, and personal interaction. Conversations … dialogue not monologue. People openly discussed the meaning of Life and all that was contained within it. We had Socrates, Plato, Aurelius, Pythagoras, Epicurus, and so many great minds back then.

People beat their ignorance through the teachings of others. It wasn’t just about a passing grade, or moving up … it was about truly learning the lesson. The surface story, and the deeper Truths contained within. Myth was powerful. People told stories that held hidden meaning that had to be extracted through thought and discernment. This was the true meaning of “apocalypse” … to unveil that which is hidden.

Superstition and lack of truthful and proper teachings and education on the part of churches, governments, and civil organizations has plunged our society into regression rather than progression. To move and advance the evolution and involution of mankind, we must start with the sincere removal of ignorance … beginning with our children.

We did not inherit this world from our ancestors, we are borrowing it from our children. Let’s do all that we can to raise an educated and peaceful generation of leaders. A world filled with knowledge, compassion, love, understanding, and acceptance of all peoples everywhere.

It is ignorance that leads to anger, violence, racism, religious persecution, and greed. Eradicate the ignorance … and the world will change rapidly. We will raise the consciousness of mankind and build a better future for all creatures.

Just a thought …

~Justin Taylor, ORDM.

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