This subject is going to take some deep thought and concentration on your part. It might get a bit confusing, but it will all fall together I promise you.

The illusion is powerful, but not total. If we were completely cut off from an awareness of what lies beyond, chances are we would be perfectly content. Think about that for just a moment. There would be no reason to question ourselves or our existence … no drive to continuously experience more. No conscious concept of something beyond … something MORE than just this.

But we are NOT cut off completely. That spark burns inside. A glimmer of the Infinite light from before Creation surrounds and permeates each person who walks this earth. This light is what gives us the profound sense that there is something else out there … and in here. Only the something doesn’t always feel like an actual … “something.” It often feels like …. “something missing” – more like a void. This was what I personally experienced during a major surgery that I had.

I was waiting in Pre-Op, 55 degrees in the room, covered in a sheet on a stainless steel gurney; and waiting for my surgeon … who had been delayed. I got to lay there and listen to everyone else’s legal rights be explained to them. Should they not survive through the procedure, etc. In those moments … and as the isolation I was feeling began to grow … I entered the VOID. I felt abandoned and helpless. At the mercy of “something.” I was then overcome with a feeling of aloneness … or was it all-oneness? In the growing silence, and before the pre-op cocktail, I found and completely understood the essence of God/Source … there … in the VOID. The nothing … that is something. The “Ayin,” the place of total beginning. Where emptiness, nothingness, and a place of what seemed the land of all that is not … yet … this is the place where limitless and boundless possibilities are formed. It’s like the number Zero. It isn’t “nothing,” it’s a whole number with value. So … is the void.

I began to think deeply about it this event … since after I had completed the procedure, I had plenty of recovery and rehab time. I was in ICU, experiencing intense unimaginable pain for 15 days and nights. I kept thinking about this void. In some ways I imagined it as total abandonment from God/Source. Having just bailed and left me on my own to fend for myself and the others that had been trusted with my care. But then, this missing element in my Mind, began to go from left brain logic to right brain limitlessness possibilities … and I understood that what hovers at the edge of our consciousness, threatening our comfortable sense of solidity, and bringing with it an essential longing for…. well, for something. Something more. Something more than this. Something great.

This sensation of something missing is actually the glimmer of something that is there, but too vast and amazing to be perceived by our ordinary senses. But as physical beings in a physical world, we are not naturally inclined to relate to it in this esoteric way. In fact, the non-physical all too often makes us feel vulnerable and uncomfortable. So, instead of slowly allowing our eyes to adjust to this more subtle light, we choose to avoid the experience altogether, or seek to fill the void with physical things. Things that never amount to “enough” … unless there’s something deeper to experience in the process.

The subtle awareness of the void pulls us relentlessly toward the next high, the next success, the more exciting relationship, the bigger, flashier toy. The feelings it triggers – like sadness, depression, anxiety or dissatisfaction – drive us to eat too much, drink too much, work too much, spend too much, need too much; in short, whatever it takes to avoid facing the threatening the lack of strength and solidarity of it all.

But, as uncomfortable and threatening as it can feel, if you are willing to face the discomfort, to stop running and to listen within, you can begin to explore the secret of the void, to expand your ability to see and hear things that lie outside your normal range. In that void … in that uncomfortable place of darkness, is where you will find the light. This VOID is a place of limitless possibility … unbounded creativity … and the origin of all that is. THE SOURCE.

Like a beautiful dream whose impression lingers, like a song that stirs memories and feelings from long ago, like a perfume that lingers faintly in the air, the music of the void can stir forgotten memories and open your heart. It can speak to you of where you came from, where you are destined to go and who you are destined to be. Step out of your comfortable awareness, and venture beyond … go to those places where you find to be uncomfortable. Face your fears … and they will dissolve into the illusion that they really are.

Just a thought …

Justin Taylor, ORDM.

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