As we spend time reflecting upon those who have left us, there is a common phrase repeated by many that says “may their memory be eternal.” In the Greek, when someone passes, they say “αιώνια η μνήμη” (ay-oh-nee-ah ee mnee-meen) which means “memory eternal”, a reminder that as long as we remember someone, they will always be with us.

Looking deeper into what this means, we must understand that each of us is eternal energy and an individualized essence of the whole of universal consciousness. Like a ray of sunlight, emanating from the same source. In the same way that a ray of light cannot be separated from it’s Source, we cannot be separated from ours. And it is that Source that we are one with … eternal, and ever existing.

Like sound waves, vibrations, UV light … there are aspects and principles that are unseen. These are the ties that bind. All things are one with the universe. Our ego desires separation and self-centered control of ourself and others but this is an illusion. There are no things … there is only one … and collectively, we are that One.



“all existing matter and space considered as a whole; the cosmos.”

Modern science has now taken the ancient path of Plato who put it this way: “The universe is a single living creature that encompasses all living creatures within it.” The Greek Philosopher Pythagoras first used the term cosmos (κόσμος) for the order of the universe. Also, from the Greek: κόσμος (Kosmos) means world, people, cosmos, universe.

The memory of our loved ones will never fade. It is forever woven into the fiber of consciousness … the Field, or Matrix. Our physical existence will fade away and to the earth our bodies and our ego will return, but our Spirit will always live on. Life is the 360 degree never ending circle of I AM. I EXIST.

In the beginning, was heaven and earth translates as Spirit, and Matter. Father and Mother, as seen by the ancients. Energy was never created, and can never die. It always was, and always will be.

When our loved ones are re-membered, we honour these loved ones who have passed (passed over) … know they are right here with you. In the unobservable realm of the higher dimension of Spirit. Nothing ever goes away.

May you find peace and acceptance when facing the loss of a loved one. And may their memory be eternal.

Just a thought …

Justin Taylor. ORDM.

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