Your ALIGNED Message For October! | The Breakthrough

Videos by @YourHigherSelf_ – These vids have been fresh water to my thirst. Listen and enjoy.

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Full Transcription:
Every moment of your life has led you to this very moment isn’t that amazing to think about you were supposed to hear this very message at this point in time and it’s a very important one the date as of today is October 1st 2022 and this is the

Start of a new chapter in your book of life I know you have been struggling lately your mind and thoughts may have been constantly limiting you the emotions you’ve been feeling have been overwhelming and most days you are out of energy but you just won’t stop

Fighting you refuse to give up on your healing Journey you have been doing the inner work you have made so many sacrifices and sometimes I know you wonder if things will ever change if all the pain and healing is really worth it if the sacrifice of your social life was worth

Putting on hold well this month will be all about rewards for you things are finally balancing out all of the pain is being liberated from your body this month you will be walking in your light you will feel lighter and lighter the clarity you have been looking for in

Certain situations will rise the struggling and doubt is going to wash away this month you won’t have to work hard anymore to feel yourself healing why are you acting like you don’t know who you are you can see your potential and you have those moments where you step into your

Potential but something is holding you back that fear of your potential will be lifted and you will feel so safe in your body in any environment and during any situation this light new version of you that you will step into this month is going to shock everyone around you

Because they don’t see the work and healing behind the scenes they don’t know about the pain you had to overcome so to them it’s going to look like you just woke up a new person but this is exactly what you have been working for it’s not really going to be a surprise

To you it’s going to be a celebration moment for you hey I finally made it moment the energy you will carry with you this month is full of confidence it’s full of self-unconditional love it’s full of abundance because you will be at this higher level of energy so many of your desires will

Start to manifest here in this 3D physical reality the universe knows you deserve this now you never lost hope you always felt this breakthrough coming it’s been feeling really close recently and this video is just the confirmation you needed so be grateful for every single moment of your life know that everything will

Be okay the universe has your back one hundred percent and things are about to get so so good for you you have been switching back and forth between your old self and new self recently and soon you will be all ten toes in with your new self you won’t

Need to revisit your old self anymore you have been shedding that version of you it’s time to leave the past in the past and focus on this very moment only you are growing allow your rewards to come to you because you honestly deserve it I’m wishing nothing but positive energy

Abundance love and much more time is moving fast so let’s make sure we are grateful for every second thank you all for the support

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