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Full Transcription:
Today is November 1st and this is your aligned message for this month this month will be all about being rewarded for your inner work this month will be filled with the liberation of Letting Go a people-old habits and limiting beliefs this year has been rough your healing

Journey has been full of ups and downs filled with confusion but in November you will be receiving so much Clarity on the situation you may have been stressing over you already know deep down what you need to let go of but you have so many worries and stories attached to what you

Think will happen if you let go it’s time to trust yourself it’s time to trust and know that you are being protected and whatever decision you make will be the right decision for your life it’s time to put your feelings first it’s time to put yourself first understand that you can’t control anyone

Else you can only control you but you have to grow this self-trust know that you can handle any and every situation that may be thrown at you as long as your intentions are pure you will always win in the end you will be rewarded this month things may be uncomfortable right now

But that sensation in your chest will become lighter and lighter this month you are on this journey for a reason you know if you are Awakening in this lifetime it is not a coincidence everything happens for a reason your past had to be that way people in your life had to go behind

Your back and treat you that way those relationships didn’t work out for a reason all the pain and tears you had to experience had to happen before the end of this month you began to see how clear that is Clarity is coming because it’s time for you to be rewarded all this

Time you spent alone was worth it honestly think about how much you know think about the knowledge you have you are so powerful no more Demi or light just to make others comfortable it’s not your job to make others comfortable stay in your energy regardless of what anyone on the outside

May be saying or doing regardless if they say you changed take that as a compliment because you have change but you haven’t changed for others you change for yourself you have been doing all of this healing for yourself and there’s no way you went through all this

Pain just to please others It’s All About You Now and it’s time to be rewarded let go of your fears of the future it’s all just in your head you are protected everything will work out for you this month you will ground yourself even more in your being into

The present moment the sense of Peace will overflow your life even behind the thoughts and emotions you will be able to sense that peace that you are eventually those thoughts and emotions will no longer affect you one conscious being is stronger than 10 million unconscious beings remember that

You will be reminded constantly how powerful you truly are you will be experiencing powerful breakthroughs this month and Powerful realizations that will help you move forward this month of November is yours it’s your time I’m so excited for you this month I’m on this journey with you let’s continue to keep pushing

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