You Were Never Born And You Will Never Die

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Full Transcription:
You were never born and you will never die before I get into this I need you to realize that we cannot comprehend mentally how something can always just be here without being born and without dying we are so used to seeing something begin and seeing something end it’s what we

Call the circle of life but that’s the circle of life forms you are formless you see yes things can be born and things die that’s very obvious but nothing that can be born or die can be what you truly are and I will try my best to explain this but it’s very very

Simple it’s just that we have to accept it no need to be confused now when I say we can’t comprehend something that’s always just been here that sounds pretty familiar to the argument of God the argument of if God is real one was God born and this has been something many have

Tried to figure out but you can’t imagine something that’s never been born or never died your brain will take you to an imaginary beginning it’s just not possible but when your Consciousness begins to reach higher levels you will begin to realize that what you are is that which

Has never been born and have never die you will realize that what you are is God and don’t compare anything that has formed to God the body and mind cannot be used to compare to cause that’s form and once again what you are is formless

So when I say you are God you cannot start looking at your hands and say a wine God there is no image of God there is no feeling of God there is no imagination of God God is just here we are all God collectively as one what you are is the awareness that

Allows experience to exist no matter where you go and what you do there is always an awareness that never leaves when you are suffering there is an awareness of suffering happening when you are having the time of your life there is an awareness of this happening

When you were three years old that same awareness has always been here and how can awareness be born how can awareness die if awareness was born wouldn’t have there been an awareness of awareness being born to cause nothing can exist without awareness and when I say awareness it’s just

Another name for God or Consciousness or you they are all just words pointing to the same truth So let’s talk about what’s being born and what dies these human bodies are what can be born and I not you you are not the body or mind you are that which allows the body and mind to exist you are not in this world the world is within you

Hear me out if you are pure awareness and not the body and mind you were here before the human vessel you are experiencing was born right because there were other human vessels here before yours meaning awareness was here meaning you were here the doctors in the hospital who helped

Your mom give birth they are all you your mom who gave birth is you you as in Consciousness Consciousness just takes form of other human vessels to experience itself each vessel is like a point in our awareness so your mom is consciousness having a unique Human Experience

Everyone you see on the street is just you’re having a unique experience of itself it’s actually really amazing once you realize that what you truly are is everything and everyone literally there is no metaphor in that statement and it’s difficult to imagine what that looks like or feels like because you

Can’t because the mind doesn’t know what you are to cause what you are is above it it’s that which allows the mind and its activity to exist it’s that which is aware of it and it’s a very effortless awareness notice how without even trying you are

Aware of the body you don’t need to try to be aware of the sensations of the body because you already are and if you can sit in this seeing this sense that you haven’t sensed in a long time will begin growing and growing eventually getting to the point to where everything

Begins to happen within you and no longer to you but the so-called get here you have to realize that you are not the body and mind meaning whatever the mind is creating isn’t you what you are is not something you create or something you have to find it’s already here you are

Aware right now you don’t have to look for yourself you have no location you have no form it’s a noticing you are like the eyes realize how the eyes cannot see themselves but they are clearly seeing you are that which is aware of seeing it’s like looking for your vision and

Then you realize oh wow I’ve been seeing this whole time so when it comes to death this is something that is feared by majority of the Earth’s population and I think it’s because a lot of don’t realize what we truly are that’s exactly what it is honestly

Because if you knew without a doubt that what you are cannot be born or die death wouldn’t be something you are scared of why is it that we were taught to be scared of something that these vessels cannot avoid this experience is temporary we don’t 100 percent know what

Happens after death but believing that there is nothing after this is nonsense just because we don’t remember what was happening before these vessels were born means nothing I believe that would take away the point of experiencing The Human Experience that’s like you turning into a turtle after your Human Experience ends and as

A turtle you’re depressed because you miss being a human instead of having the full experience of being a turtle I don’t know everything nobody does but it’s very hard to believe that this is all we get to experience I mean look at how advanced these bodies are everything

Is perfect the heart beats on its own breathing happening on its own life is perfection there is no way this was an accident this was a creation by you you just haven’t realized what you truly are yet because of the programming and conditioning that has had a hold on your

Vessel’s body and mind you may believe that you are nothing more than just this meat thingy with thoughts when in fact you were everything think about going from seeing you are one thing to everything it’s amazing and you all can realize this I don’t want you to believe me seek this to be

True through realizing this for yourself you were never born and you can never die it’s just not possible only these bodies can die we are just renting them for a unique experience please I’d love to know what you all think about this topic feel free to leave comments below thank you for watching

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