You Only Fear This One Thing In Life and NOTHING ELSE.

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Full Transcription:
Fear the very thing that keeps you away from your dreams and desires the very thing that is hiding behind pretty much every other emotion makes your chest tighten and can sometimes make you feel paralyzed well I have great news fear isn’t real and you’re actually not afraid of

Anything while you’re afraid of one thing and one thing only you are afraid of feeling your feelings now let me explain this say you suffer from anxiety the fear of the future when you experience anxiety you start to become very very uncomfortable that uncomfortable feeling will trigger multiple thoughts about a false reality

That is going to happen in the future but you see you’re not actually afraid of what will happen you’re just afraid of how it will make your body feel you do not like being uncomfortable that’s all it really is you don’t like the way fear feels so you try to stay away from

Anything that they trigger those uncomfortable feelings and it can get so bad to the point to where your body will make it feel like you will die if you come in contact with your fears it’s the body’s way of trying to keep you safe but there is nothing to

Be afraid of we can use public speaking as an example that is one of the biggest fears most people have it’s not because they are afraid to speak to a big crowd it’s because they know how uncomfortable they may feel on that stage they will begin to feel uncomfortable

And then thoughts of people judging them will arise thoughts of unworthiness will rise the mind and body will do whatever it takes to get you out of that situation because it thinks you’re about to die but just look at what’s really going on uncomfortable feeling in the body simply

Just an uncomfortable feeling in the body just because it’s uncomfortable doesn’t mean it’s bad you only perceive it to be bad because of the thoughts you have constantly been attaching to the feeling if you just drop the mental story you are left with just a sensation a sensation that you

Have been running from and not trying to feel you will never get over fear if you continue to suppress it it will just get worse and worse and this applies to every single emotion the only reason why we suffer from them is because of our reaction to them

They rise and right away we try to find a way out we start resisting it we believe that we aren’t supposed to be feeling this way and all that does is make it worse you have to get over your only fear of feeling your feelings you have to become comfortable with being uncomfortable

Because that’s all it is it’s just an uncomfortable feeling and I know that you can find that courage in you to just sit with it and let it be emotions are energy in motion he motions and they don’t want to stay in your body they

Want to come and then go but for years you have been resisting them and stopping that energy from passing through so yes it will be very uncomfortable but at least you understand why it will be the only way to get over fear or any emotion is to go through it not to avoid

It and search for another way around next time you feel fearful notice what’s going on notice how the mind will create all of these stories you have convinced yourself that you can see the future so you begin to believe in every single thought and it is destroying your peace

Of this very moment look around there is nothing happening right now and you can’t handle a situation that is not happening right now that fear you are imagining is just an illusion of the mind I know it feels so real but it’s not it’s not happening in real life it’s

Only happening in your head the best way to deal with this is to start letting go and surrendering this will allow you to process any emotion and you will be able to control your reaction to any and every emotion the way you choose to and start practicing self-inquiry this

Will make you aware of the fact that you are not your thoughts or emotions or even human at that deeper level it will be the process to returning back to who you truly are to your love your peace and confidence to your Consciousness awareness thank you so much for watching

You are so powerful foreign

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