You Must DIE To Live. Ego Death, Dark Night Of The Soul. ( Conversations With God #EP3 )

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Full Transcription:
You must die to truly have that permanent energetic shift that o enlightened beings speak of die well that just sounds terrifying what do you mean I must die to be enlightened well not literally to cause what you truly are cannot die what must die is who you think you are

The character you believe yourself to be must dire the ego Must Die it’s what blinds you from knowing what you truly are as God because it wants to play God it wants to be you so it’s been programmed and conditioned into creating the illusion of being its

Own person it created the illusion of you being a character it wants to be God that sounds pretty familiar to the devil yes to cause the ego is the devil the ego is what the Bible was talking about when it referred to the devil let me give you some examples John 8 44.

You belong to your father the devil and you want to carry out your father’s desires he was a murderer from the beginning not holding to the truth for there is no truth in him when he lies he speaks his native language for he is a liar and the father of Lies

The ego is the father of Lies the mind has created so many false illusions that so many of us have fallen victim to such as believing that we are separate the mind will tell you that you are worthless to kill yourself it will repeatedly hold you back from

Reaching your full potential and it’s the reason for suffering if you are a slave to the mind you are in hell and if you don’t break free from it you will suffer for an eternity but you are God and all you have to do is realize this

The ego’s job is to keep you away from knowing what you truly are because once you realize it the ego the devil begins to die to diminish Romans 16 20. the God of Peace will soon Crush Satan under your feet the grace of our Lord Jesus be with you The moment you realize your true nature the ego’s illusion will begin falling apart you will realize the lies and the false reality that has been filtered over the truth for so long you are peace you are love all religions are talking about you and it’s not the person they are talking

About whatever your vessel’s name is it’s not about you it’s not about humans because you as God are not a human nor are you your name it’s beyond form you are Beyond form it’s the ego that’s holding you back from realizing this the ego’s belief system and conditionings

All of it must be seen through to truly wake up to what you truly are it must die wow that’s amazing I never really looked at the teachings of the Bible that way but I’m still kind of confused on what’s dying or leaving okay let’s just say your name is Chris

Chris doesn’t actually exist it’s just a creation of the ego Chris you don’t have a life and you never did because you don’t actually exist the story of your life is just a story it’s a story of the Mind past and all of your memories they are all products of the Mind

Your belief system it’s a story of the mind your needs and wants also a story of the Mind the one who claims to be the thinker of thought it’s just another thought the one who claims to be watching this video is just another thought so I’m just a thought

Chris is just an idea how though I can clearly go in the mirror and confirm my existence as Chris yes there is a body here that you as God are experiencing but these vessels are empty there is no person in the body names Chris Chris is just a label given

To your vassal without your name you still may exist without the story of your life without your desires without your beliefs you still exist but not as a person but as God as awareness as consciousness you have to realize that the reality you have been experiencing has been one

Created by the Devil by the ego it’s why you think money and the new house and all these material things will make you feel whole the ego has wants and needs but you God is already everything and don’t have needs or wants because you are already whole

If you are living in the false reality that the ego has created you perceive separation separation doesn’t actually exist you believing that you are these characters that the mind has created makes separation appear real the funny thing is everyone doesn’t realize this but all you want out of

Life is to be free from yourself you don’t want to be someone who has anxiety someone’s who’s depressed someone who’s suffering and the amazing thing about realizing that you are God is that you’ll realize that you never were that person to begin with never so I am God what about people like my

Mum and dad and my friend Joey oh and people like Michael Jordan or even people who have killed thousands of others there is no such thing as others remember separation is a creation of the Mind realize this to think about others you have to think realize that others can

Only appear to exist in the mind once you realize that your true nature is God that means you are literally everyone and everything the vessels that you claim to be separate from you they are just you possessed by a ego everyone including Chris and Michael Jordan those are just characters they

Truly don’t exist they only appear to exist within the mind if you realize that you’re not the body that’s means nobody is the body if you realize that you are not the mind that means nobody is the mind what you are becoming aware of isn’t personal this awareness this Consciousness it’s not Chris’s

Consciousness Chris doesn’t exist it’s just Consciousness it’s everything Chris cannot awaken its Consciousness realizing itself is consciousness God realizing it’s God Chris you must die the process won’t be easy The Dark Night of the soul will be painful for the body but it’s worth it the rebirth is beautiful but I’m terrified

Why does this knowledge bring me so much anxiety and fear who is the one that’s afraid who is the one that claims to have anxiety oh wow Chris claims that holy yes constantly throughout your day ask yourself questions like this who’s the one thinking these thoughts who’s the

One afraid and look for The Who and repeatedly realize that you can’t find them because they don’t exist so don’t even confirm that Chris is afraid because Chris doesn’t exist you must see this without the Mind do not confirm these inquiries with the Mind realize it in your direct experience

I’m so excited for you to come back home it’s not even a welcoming home because you’re actually already here

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