You Just Want To Be Free From Yourself! ( No Self, Onesness, Liberation, Non-Duality )

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Full Transcription:
Please listen the millions of dollars you want the relationship and love you want the big house and vacation trips you want cannot compare to the feeling of being free from yourself whether you know this or not what you truly want is to be free from yourself you’re tired of playing a character

You’re tired of anxiety and fear you’re tired of worrying and all of these things can only appear to exist with the character you believe yourself to be you are not your anxiety or fear or you’re worrying Etc because at one point you didn’t have it you were conditioned

Into believing it realize that it was created you see who you think you are can change you can be confident and then the next moment you are sad then you’re mad you get taller you grow your hair out or cut it you can completely change the appearance of Who You Think You Are

Do you not realize that who you think you are is just a creation do you not see how it’s all created in the mind because the who doesn’t actually exist it’s all made up now the character you created and believe yourself to be wasn’t intentional you were conditioned that

Way the mind was conditioned to believe that you are this character so it’s not your fault but the truth is you have never been this character and this character never existed and it never will now it can appear to be real that’s why it’s called an illusion it feels real

And appears real but it’s not now believing this won’t do much for you I don’t want you to believe me at all I want you to realize this on your own if I asked you who’s watching this video you would say me or I am but ask yourself who is this me

And realize how you go directly to thinking about it that’s what you must notice the me only exist in the mind you’ll go well me as in Jake that’s me I’m Jake no that’s just a name given to the character you’ve been conditioned to believe yourself to be you are not a name

You can easily just go change your name remember who you are can change meaning you cannot be who you are it isn’t possible because what you are can never and has never changed it can’t come and go like how things appear to come and go with the false self-character

What you truly are is consciousness there is nobody actually here because if I am not the false self then that means you are not the false self if I am not the body and mind that means nobody is the body and mind when thoughts arise about someone else

It’s just thoughts about another false self that doesn’t exist there are just thoughts about another character that was created now I’m not saying there isn’t a body here I’m saying that there is no body in these bodies there is no one named Jesus in the body Jesus was a character that’s

Who what he is is consciousness what you are is consciousness this is how we are all connected as one I cannot perceive separation any more ever since my Awakening because I know that what you are is exactly what I am now who you are is different from who I

Am but the who is a mind creation it isn’t real and when I say we are all one I’m not saying my character is your character this is beyond physical form I’m saying what we truly are is the same and it’s so difficult to explain the experience of Oneness but it’s the most

Freeing and peaceful feeling I’ve ever experienced because when you realize you are everyone all worry goes away all fear goes away the need to be perceived as certain way goes away caring about what others think goes away because nobody is here to think anyways it’s really amazing

And all I want is for everyone to experience this because it really is what we all truly desire just imagine if you experienced being everything and everyone it’s impossible to imagine and once again when I’m saying being everyone I’m not talking about being every false self I’m talking about being

What we all truly are a real glimpse into pure Consciousness all you will find is unconditional love it’s not possible for me to hate you no matter what you appear to do to me everyone who has cheated on you stabbed you in the back slammed you on your neck they were all you

The most traumatic experience that may have happened to your character they were all you and in a way see how amazing that really is you came to you in different forms and put yourself through so much pain and suffering so that you can set yourself up on a road to discover yourself and

Realize what you truly are now even though I experience no separation and I know that there is no such things as a somebody else I don’t walk around and randomly start meditating and telling people you are me I still have a desire to enjoy The Human Experience Life is literally a dream for

Me it’s a movie or a game and once you have this realization that you are pure Consciousness you have the key to Creation you don’t have a certain way you need to be if I want to be goofy and make jokes that’s what I’ll do if I have to be

Serious and express some anger that’s what I’ll do if I have to be calm and nice that’s what I’ll do you’re not carrying around this need be someone for the world anymore it’s pointless and limits you you don’t have to be a guru or a monk if you are spiritual you are free

You are free from yourself meaning you are free from the mind because that’s where the false self appears to exist you can still not like people I might not like who you are but because I know what you are is what I am I have nothing but unconditional love for you

This is what you must do to begin realizing that you are not who you think yourself to be just constantly inquire everything ask yourself who’s the one thinking and see if you can find a me ask yourself who’s it that has anxiety who is it that is afraid who is it that

Doesn’t believe anything in this video you will constantly be brought back to this sense of me but you will realize that you can’t even find the me it’s just a thought there is no me in the body because you are not the body the only way to see this is to

Realize it for yourself please be curious and give it a try thank you

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