You Have To Lose Your Mind To Find Yourself

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Full Transcription:
If you are on a journey for truth if you are on a journey to self-realization to realize what you truly are you have to lose your mind to find yourself during this process most if not all of us naturally run to the mind in the beginning for clarity or answers about

Any of the spiritual information we receive to try to make some sense out of what’s being said but the problem is most of the time all that does is leave us with confusion and more seeking energy and that’s because none of this information is meant for the mind to understand because it can’t

For example the human mind cannot comprehend how something could just always be here it doesn’t understand how something can never be born or ever dire because the human mind knows life and death but what you are is beyond the human mind and body there is this deep intelligence that

Being has it’s an intelligence that’s way more powerful than the mind and body and when you are aligned with it you have an intuitive knowing that of course I’ve always been here and of course I can’t die the mind is an amazing tool it’s a very

Powerful one it can be used to create your desired heaven or it can be used to create a living hell we can’t underestimate the power of the mind I mean it’s created billions of characters that a lot of us believe ourselves to be but ultimately they are actually real

And nobodies who they think they are because what you really are isn’t a thought only who you think you are is a thought So what do I mean by you have to lose your mind well in not talking about you have to go crazy I mean you have to begin to realize that the mind doesn’t hold the answers for self-realization so you have to lose interest in it knowledge is not the answer to you will

Never and I mean never find out what you truly are is what we call Consciousness or God through the mind the Mind cannot comprehend you it doesn’t know you because it can’t you can think all day about what you are but those are just thoughts about it it’s not it itself

For example let’s say I’m talking to someone who has never laid their head on a pillow and I am describing it in full detail it’s white soft Etc he now has all the knowledge of pillows he could probably go teach a class about pillows but if he never goes to the direct

Experience of experiencing the pillow he doesn’t actually know the truth of what I’m talking about the same applies to self-realization you can have all the knowledge about our true nature but you won’t actually know it until you experience it because what I am pointing to is not in knowledge

Its wisdom it’s an experience is actually even Beyond experience because experience is appearing to happen within it when you are listening to my videos or any other spiritual videos I recommend to not listen with the intention of gaining more information you’ve had enough you could probably teach this if

You wanted to set the intention to find what I am pointing to through your direct experience try to prove it to yourself stop believing me you don’t need to leave turn to yourself So if I say we have hands and you can actually feel them don’t believe me just because I said so actually feel the sensation of what we call the hand in this moment don’t think about it what is the experience of and Now without calling it a hand what is it And don’t listen to the mind for confirmation this isn’t a question to be answered I am pointing you to the truth because truth is an experience there’s nothing you can actually say about it even saying it’s a sensation is a conceptual answer let go of looking for the answers

Through the mind you will never find them what you seek is already here and it’s always been here you see the Mind holds who you think you are this is where separation appears to exist the mind has created characters with the name John and Mary and Drake

But the mind is the only place they can appear to exist John Mary and Drake don’t actually exist because if they did that would mean there is separation the only thing here is God is consciousness is you it’s like playing games yes to players and characters can appear to be separate

But regardless of what’s within the game everything is just a part of one whole the game the only thing that’s actually there is the game everything in the game is the game so these characters can appear within consciousness but the only thing truly here is consciousness because everything is made

Out of it out of you realize if you were to think about friends and family all of that is appearing to happen in the mind who you think they are can only appear in the mind others only exist in the mind because we are all one now are there separate bodies yes that

What is it that is experiencing these bodies what are these bodies made of these bodies are made out of the same thing thoughts are made out of the same thing everything is made out of you Consciousness God and you truly can realize this but you can only realize it

Through experience not through thinking about it see what those thoughts that are thinking about it are made out of get close to it as if you are pulling yourself into them 10. realize the nature of it the substance of it is consciousness it’s you the thoughts themselves have no reality they aren’t

Real Only You Are we are all this one God acting as these characters it’s just that we were conditioned into getting attached to these characters without your name without a past without a future without all these labels and ideas what are you to come nobody and no one just for a

Couple seconds once you realize you are a nobody you’ll realize you are actually everything you will realize what you really are behind all these filters and you will know this intuitively not mentally Foreign Foreign

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