You Have To Give Up At Some Point…( The Key To The Flow State )

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Full Transcription:
Throughout this journey he all will come across resistance regardless of how that may appear for you it will rise and it’s very normal and it’s a pretty necessary for our growth but eventually you will get to a point to where you must have the courage to give up resisting it’s a

Lot easier said than done and it does and can take some time to get used to letting go of resistance simply because of how uncomfortable it may be but once you experience the power of not resisting the rest of the so-called path should become a lot more easier to flow with A lot of this resistance actually comes from the Mind simply because it’s constantly having judgments about those uncomfortable Sensations that the body experiences causing you to be confused about if what you are feeling is right or if what you are doing is wrong or if you should be

Doing anything or not doing anything there is just a lot of mental stuff happening that’s all truly in the way it likes bringing stories about those feelings trauma can also be attached to these feelings which can also make this process very challenging but this letting go and surrendering is

Actually very simple there is no need to complicate what I am about to explain because it’s very straightforward and simple so let’s say a very uncomfortable feeling rises in the chest it’s pretty heavy and feels full the moment that energy arises instead of your attention going to the

Feelings it goes directly to the mind the Mind begins panicking about the future all of these what-if situations doubts and fear judgments about that feeling being bad is also deeply rooted in the mind so because the mind perceives this energy you feel as bad and you believe it you

Naturally try to find and escape from it most of us pick up our phones or eat food or whatever your coping mechanism may be to avoid feeling uncomfortable is We just want to resist it or get rid of it because we believe it’s bad but you see without the mind’s activity and judgments that energy is simply Just Energy in the body you don’t even have to label that energy all you truly have to do it drop all

Concepts all of your spiritual knowledge of what you have to do all of it completely forget about the mind and sink into that sensation Don’t force yourself into the sensation though that’s just more resistance let the sensation take over surrender to it and allow it to overtake you

Let It Rise regardless of how uncomfortable it is trust yourself with letting go for moments of practice allow the sensation to be everything in a way become that sensation allow there to be nothing else but the experience of this energy let go of all the personal Illusions

Become a nobody no past no future no desires allow it all to fade as you sit with that uncomfortable energy in your being it can be very very uncomfortable because we are so used to resisting our resistance when it rises so the moment you decide to react to

Differently of course it’s not going to be easy at first but you truly have to Just Surrender and it’s not a mental surrender it’s not a thought that is saying okay I’m accepting what is it’s experiencing acceptance without the mind for me it got to the point to where I

Noticed that there is nothing the mind can do or say for me to find what I’m looking for it cannot imagine anything it cannot come up with a concept that will help there isn’t some hidden knowledge that I need to understand you have to accept that the mind will

Never truly be able to comprehend the direct truth of this know that spiritual realizations are not mental at all there is not one realization you will have from a mental understanding every realization is from experience Because this is an energetic process now our mental understanding is useful maybe in the beginning but if you’re deep into this already to be honest with you it’s really no longer necessary Soon you will realize the mind is the only thing holding you back from realizing something that’s already here it’s what’s making Letting Go appear so difficult it’s what is making you believe you have to try so hard this process of giving up resistance and just being with your feelings it is by

Far the most important part of this journey because remember it’s all energetic we have to purge through those stuck emotions to release them so that this new energy can come in it’s the body that goes through this integration you may have had glimpses of what you truly had pure Consciousness or

Have had those moments of experiencing Oneness and peace but the reason why you can’t maintain that is because the body still has its habits and certain thoughts still have a pull on your attention your nervous system also needs time to transform so yes this will take time

It’s pretty rare to have one Glimpse and that’s it it possible but it’s rare so for a couple days I really want you to just sit with yourself and those feelings have long periods of time where you aren’t using your phone or TV just be with yourself completely surrender and find that self

Trust within your being to just let go of everything that’s all it really takes you have to drop everything Drop all mental Concepts expectations beliefs and knowledge forget about a past and future forget about being someone just give it all up none of it is truly real anyways you’ll notice that everything I mentioned is all mental meaning it’s illusionary once you build the courage up to let it all go

This peace that you have been seeking for will begin to rise you’ll soon find the peace behind the chaos

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