You Have To Fall In Love With Suffering! Here Why! ( The Key To Liberation )

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Full Transcription:
If you have been on this healing journey and seek for Liberation for a while it’s probably because you haven’t accepted your suffering you may be constantly trying to find a way out but doing so is actually making your process a lot longer and I will explain why you need to fall

In love with your suffering to actually become liberated from it I have recently been educating myself on non-duality and it has changed my perspective on a lot of things even a new way to look at things I use to teach non-duality is basically coming to the realization that everyone and everything

Is just Consciousness and that there is no separation and things are just happening I will have a deeper video explaining non-duality but just keep what I said in mind for the remainder of this video suffering doesn’t really come from the thoughts themselves yes suffering only does exist within the mind and ego but

It’s honestly just your reaction to what’s happening that causes you to suffer for example when you are experiencing anxiety you are trying so hard to not fuel your anxiety you automatically think this isn’t how you are supposed to be feeling so you start moving all weird and can’t

Even express how you truly feel you feel that not in your throat and that pain in your chest and because of how you perceive what you think it’s bad you think it’s the end of the world and I understand I’ve suffered from extreme anxiety before also so I know this is a

Lot easier said than done but you have to fall in love with your anxiety it’s the only way you can actually get over it and become liberated from it forever let me take you through the process that I personally would do when experiencing anxiety so let’s say I am in my room and

Thoughts of the future began playing in my head what if this happens what if that happens fake scenarios are flooding my mind that pain and tightness in my chest has also appeared and now I am in full panic mode and this is all happening because I believe that I

Shouldn’t be feeling like that and because I don’t want to feel this way so this is what you have to do first things first locate exactly where you can feel the anxiety so that would be the chest or wherever it may be for you and with the power of your attention

Place all of your attention on this sensation don’t try to change it don’t have a desire to make it go away we aren’t afraid of anything actually we all just have this habit of running away from how we feel we are only afraid of feeling our feelings but while your

Attention is placed on this sensation have a genuine curiosity of it see what you have been running away from and just sit with it face your fears of feeling regardless of how uncomfortable it may feel stay with it let go of the story attached to the feeling and just feel

Get very intimate with your feelings you have to want to feel you cannot have no desire to get rid of it if you do this process will not work even though the sensation is not you it does exist within Consciousness it’s made up of Consciousness because remember everything is one and

Everything is consciousness you will slowly develop this love for suffering because every time you feel pain you get to feel into that feeling and move closer and closer to Liberation make suffering your friend showed that you are okay with whatever is happening every time you experience discomfort

Just pause and go directly to the feeling drop the mental story attached to it and just feel love that you feel fear love that you feel sadness love that you feel anxiety this will literally change your life in days and eventually these feelings will no longer affect you you may have them

Still but it won’t change anything it won’t trigger those thoughts and worries anymore think of how your life would be if you had no resistance to anything and you just accepted what is life would just flow for you fear wouldn’t exist because you’re not resisting the feelings of fear because

You and fear have become friends anxiety would not exist worry would not exist people pleasing would not exist the fear of rejection would not exist if you felt like doing something that’s not in your comfort zone you would do it because you are okay with the sensation

Of discomfort because you chose to sit with those feelings till they buried them you chose to love all sides to life the good and the bad you have reached that point of it is what it is and that’s all it has ever been understand that things are just happening we

Honestly don’t have the control that we think we do I’m not even sure if Free Will exist because things are just happening you clicking on this video just happened you didn’t make the decision to click on this video I know it feels like you did but you were just the awareness of that

Decision you are watching Life play out you are aware of decisions being made it’s not you making that decision you have to know that life will take care of life if you just let it be let suffering happen it’s already happening you’re just scared and resisting it if

You don’t resist what is you will allow life to heal you on its own these emotions constantly rise because they’re trying to leave your body but you won’t let them because you resist please just fall in love with discomfort give it all of your attention it’s going to be uncomfortable but healing is

Painful sometimes have no desire to not feel the way you feel in time it will just naturally go away your nervous system will begin to see that you are safe when feeling those emotions so they won’t affect your life experience anymore fall in love with the ego let those negative thoughts come you

Don’t have to try to change your thoughts they will naturally go back to that state of love and joy and peace if you just let them come and go that’s what they’re doing regardless if you are letting them or not you don’t have to believe every thought you don’t have to

React to every thought you can notice it laugh at it and move on it’s easier said than done of course but feeling your suffering and feelings alone will liberate so much for it those thoughts and stories attached to those feelings will fall along with that feeling

So make that decision right now make the decision to stop running away from your suffering and to accept it and to feel it and to love that you’re getting the opportunity to experience Liberation I hope this has helped thank you for watching thank you

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