You Have Never Thought Anything. There is no Thinker ( The Illusion of the Doer )

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Full Transcription:
Have you ever wondered who is the one thinking these thoughts that was the very moment my journey began suffering from anxiety depression I was paranoid and lived with fear but what is it that is causing all of this worrying at some point to become free from the

Mind you must realize that you are not your thoughts and also that there is no thinker there isn’t some alien in your brain that’s thinking these thoughts and there is no you that thanks let me show you what I mean right now I want you to think about liking and

Subscribing to my YouTube channel lol no but seriously I want you to say hello in your head go ahead say it a couple times it feels like you doesn’t it it feels like you are the one thinking that so if I asked you who’s thinking you would say me

But who is this me the one who claims to be the one thinking is just another thought isn’t that funny hahaha the ego is very tricky it will try its best to find an identity it will form itself as positive thoughts but those are just thoughts it will form

Itself as the knowledge that you have been learning but those are just thoughts that sense of me doing something is just another mental story see this to be true for yourself right now notice how it feels like you are watching this video it feels like you’re doing something

But there is no doer and if there is where does this doer exist who is this doer you can’t say me because who is this me it all goes right back to this story of me to me you think you are as just another thought now it will always feel like you are

Doing something but for moments of practice realize that there is no doer things are just happening and they are happening to no one because the me doesn’t exist this is where most people struggle when it comes to meditation because they think they have to do something they think something needs to be done

But the whole purpose of meditation is to just be meditation isn’t an activity it isn’t something you can do meditation is Just Happening along with everything else thoughts are just happening we don’t have the control we think we have over thoughts because if we did overthinking would be easy to stop doing anxiety

Wouldn’t exist fear wouldn’t exist suffering would not exist but unfortunately we don’t and the reason these thoughts have so much control is because first we think they are us and we think we are thinking these thoughts and that identity with those being my thoughts and me thinking those thoughts

We tend to believe and give our power away to every thought that arises it’s so destructive if you don’t believe me that’s okay but you gotta admit it would be nice to not be those thoughts wouldn’t it welp good news you’re not you are the awareness of these thoughts without awareness these thoughts

Wouldn’t exist you have to constantly inquire this it’s the only way for you to break through and realize it I’ll explain exactly what I’ve done here’s an example of inquiring I’m wonderful thinking about myself who is thinking all of that then thoughts would say me then I would

Say well who is this me and more thoughts will rise trying to describe and figure out who me is then I would say well those are just thoughts too they mean nothing unless I give them meaning this me that I think is me is clearly just another thought

Because if I am pure awareness how could I be a thought and how could there be a me who thinks if I’m the awareness of thoughts happening these thoughts may even have your voice but you are not your voice you are the awareness of it whatever is happening

You are the awareness of it not the Doer the doer doesn’t exist try not reacting to every single thought that arises if you just become still you will clearly see that you are that which is aware of them and not the thinker of them it’s not the thoughts that cause

Suffering it’s your reaction to them it’s your attachment to them the truth is thoughts and words are empty we are the ones who give them power and meaning for example when someone is speaking a language you don’t know you don’t know what the f any of it means and you don’t

Really care to figure it out but a translator comes over and says to you he just said you look disgusting now all of a sudden you’re angry and you’re ready to make the translator the middle man so you can win a pointless argument with someone who doesn’t even speak your language

They said you are disgusting in another language and it didn’t bother you but as soon as it was translated to your language and you understood it you attached so much meaning to it you don’t have to react that way the same way you don’t have to react to the thoughts that pass by

You aren’t thinking them anyways forget about language Let the noise in your head be exactly what it is it’s just nose this sense of me doing something can be seen through right now realize what feels like the me and question it what is it that claims to be me if it’s the

Body realize that you cannot be the body because what you are as aware of it you cannot find this mean no matter how long you look because it doesn’t exist it’s just a story and it’s such a moment when you realize this you are now getting closer and closer to the freedom

You see but don’t forget that what you seek is already free

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