You Exist Behind The Suffering! Notice Your True Being Behind Every Experience

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Full Transcription:
There is one thing we all truly wish we had and that’s peace oh how nice it would be to not worry for once to not be in constant fear to just be in this moment feeling empty and wholeness at the same time the issue with this desire is that most

Of us are searching for peace in a place where it either doesn’t exist or it comes and goes nothing outside of you can bring you true permanent peace but isn’t that nice to know isn’t it nice to know that regardless of what may be happening outside of you there is this peace

Within that’s with you all day every day and I really mean it it has never left and it is always there the most traumatic experience can be present with you and there is peace waiting on you to notice it now I’m not saying don’t deal with your life situations Common Sense doesn’t get

Thrown out of the window you still have to pay bills I mean you don’t have to but to be prepared for those consequences but you can begin dealing with your life situations from that place of peace so before I get into how to enter this state I just want to say

Congratulate yourself for making it through 2022 it’s been the biggest task for our mental health and we still pushed through we have learned a lot this year and I can’t wait to see how good 2023 will treat you all so behind every day to day experience there is something we

All call awareness behind it no matter what may be present there is an awareness of this experience if there wasn’t an awareness there would be no experience and this awareness is who you are in the beginning of my spiritual journey and also many others we all learn how to

Become aware of our awareness I myself would teach this to others and it’s a wonderful and necessary realization but it’s not the last step you see when we sit to meditate and become aware of our awareness it creates the illusion of a separate self we will begin to say this

Is awareness and this is not but eventually you must make the realization that if I am awareness and awareness is always here how could there possibly be a separate self how could I possibly be this human and then the awareness while you can’t you see there is no

Separate self there is no self inside these bodies and if there isn’t really a self here that means that everything you identify with is simply just a story of the Mind this is important to understand because when it comes to discovering this peace behind the chaos it can be difficult to

Let go and go beyond our limitations if we continue to identify and take ownership of things that don’t even have an owner we get so caught up in playing victim and asking why is this happening to me and why is my life so difficult right

Now but the truth is you don’t have a life because there is no self to take ownership of this life you don’t have a life you are life do you feel that difference in those statements this is my life and you don’t have a life you are alive

If you are alive that means that you are everything and that nothing is happening to you it’s just happening now once again this isn’t a way to spiritual bypass things but once you can see that you are simply just life happening you will allow things to be without getting attached to them

To be in this state of Peace you have to let go of the Mind stories and see the truth a lot of us will have glimpses of the truth and then doubt that it’s not safe to stay in that state so we return back to the suffering because in a way that’s comfortable

So how exactly do you reach this state of Peace how can you constantly see over and over again that you are not what’s happening well first ask yourself am I aware don’t answer this mentally just become alert of that truth this takes zero effort by the way to not

Try there is no need to try to be who you already are just notice what’s already there notice how thoughts are talking to thoughts remember there is no self here thinking is just happening I know it may feel like there is a you in the mind and

Then there’s thoughts in the mind but become aware that it’s just thoughts thoughts are made out of Consciousness but they are not you the same way the body is made up of the Consciousness that you are bought it’s not the essence of you it’s not separate from you but it’s not you directly

So don’t identify with these things because they don’t exist everything is consciousness it’s clear to see that something is aware of what’s present Consciousness is aware of tension being directed to this very video Consciousness is aware of a human vessel watching this video and that Consciousness awareness isn’t

Affected by what’s happening it’s just aware it’s sitting in a state of peace and things are just happening and they are happening to no one you may have to sit in meditation to inquire this but don’t fall into the Trap of trying to do something if effort is involved the mind

Will confuse this very simple realization for you remember if there is no self that means there is no doer there is none here doing meditation meditation is just happening there is no one here watching this video This Moment is Just Happening I want you to try to apply this truth to

When you may be experiencing anxiety so say you are having racing thoughts about the future and your chest begins to tighten and you are trying your hardest to stop thinking causing you to have a panic attack stop for a second take a deep breath and really take a step back notice what’s

Actually happening thoughts are fighting with thoughts and because you believe yourself to be those thoughts they are causing resistance in the body you probably don’t even notice the energy in your body but if you really took a look at it you would realize that it’s not even hurting you you have just

Labeled being uncomfortable a bad thing and because you think you are all these things happening you begin to suffer but take a step back nothing is happening to you where is this you that it’s happening to fall into observing and realize that things are just happening realize that

The one observing isn’t affected by what’s going on even if your mind is saying it is happening to me blah blah blah that awareness is also aware of that and these are all stories of the Mind how is it that these thoughts and feelings come and go and change but you

Never lose that sense of I body parts can be removed and you still never lost that sense of I how can these things be who you are it’s such a beautiful and amazing realization and the best thing about this is that this peace behind everything is that it’s always there and

It can never not be there because it’s who you are also I want to add that even when you awaken or Enlighten life challenges do not end you will still get angry and sad and you are allowed to feel those feelings it’s the suffering that can no longer exits within you suffering is

Completely gone I want to thank all of you for watching I have some very special videos on the way feel free to leave any questions or anything in the comments thank you all

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