You Don’t Need Anything But THIS. It’s All There Is!


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Full Transcription:
There will come a time in your journey where you began to realize that nothing in this world can genuinely give you the peace and happiness you seek for and this is one of the most powerful realizations you can have You began to see that yes this world can give you something but realizing what you truly are gives you everything because you are everything and would you rather have something or everything to some things that the world gives you are only for the moment anyways they don’t last

Everything in this world comes and goes but you you have always been here you as this wholeness have always been here you don’t command go and this may take some time to realize you might have to show yourself and go through looking for happiness and peace through all these worldly things first

Just to realize that you really can’t get anything permanent from the world but maybe many of you have already tried everything you tried finding love through relationships you tried finding happiness through money you tried finding peace through your desires and you realize there is nothing you can do anymore

And this is a beautiful place to be even if at the moment you feel hopeless and lost you are now given the opportunity to turn back to yourself because this is all you ever wanted you searched for things in the world now it’s time to look for what you desire in

Yourself your true self the one place many of us overlook and maybe for a moment those things did give you what you were looking for but eventually it goes away you no longer love the person the same way you love them in the beginning you can no longer turn to money for your

Happiness because you realized all you want is more of it but you don’t need to turn to anything but yourself to get what you want because you are everything You don’t have to seek for happiness because happiness is what you are you don’t have to seek for peace because peace is what you are you don’t have to seek for love because Love Is What You Are you see these aren’t things you should be chasing or looking for I know growing

Up we were told to chase happiness and peace as if these were things outside of you you don’t have to chase anything because it’s what you already are your nature is joy and peace happiness freedom and when you really begin to realize this you’ll start to see how regardless

Of what you gain in this world what you gain doesn’t make you more worthy and whatever you lose doesn’t take away anything from you what you are as whole land complete already there is nothing to gain and there is nothing to lose and even if you can’t see this clearly yet that’s okay

But instead of denying that this is true and instead of trying to search for this except this is what you are first and simply investigate what’s appearing to be in the way of realizing this if you accept Dan know you are love happiness peace whole worthy Untouchable

One with everything and free you won’t have to seek for anything all that’s needed now is for you to see through everything that’s saying otherwise all you want is yourself your true self that’s all you want why Chase happiness somewhere else if you are literally happiness itself why

Chase looking for someone to finally love you instead of going directly to the source of love which is yourself your true self as Consciousness God the universe love If you have yourself in this world you have everything because that’s all there is you don’t need others to accept you because who is there to be accepted by once you realize you are everything meaning you are others also you don’t need others validation because who’s there to be validated by if you

Realize you are everything you as this one Consciousness is all there really is the reason you can’t get anything from this world outside of you is because the world isn’t outside of you it’s within you it is you nothing is outside of you and nothing is actually within you because once again

Everything is you And I’m not talking to the ego I’m not talking to the one who claims to be the separate human who is watching this video you don’t even exist I’m talking to myself because that’s all I can do because I am everything but so are you because we are one

We are truly the same so begin to notice how you may start looking for something outside of yourself try to catch yourself before you get sucked into it and come back to self let go of the mind and come back to the heart trust and allow this moment to be everything you

Ever wanted because it is there is nothing to look forward to in the future everything you ever wanted is right here right now because everything is what you already are

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Felix Moyo Edonmi
Felix Moyo Edonmi
5 months ago

The desire to get to the promise land is the only reason why we keep missing the promise land. There is no land outside EXISTENCE/CONSCIOUSNESS. Thanks for the video.

Maleena Brown
Maleena Brown
5 months ago

Beautiful ❤

5 months ago


LUV Nation
LUV Nation
5 months ago


5 months ago

Can you make another post about manifesting or the law of assumption? I know that this is not the topic of your videos and teachings, but I struggle a bit with it,… Read more »

Yoni Roda
Yoni Roda
5 months ago

You are I and I’m you ❤ 🙏🙏🙏

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