You Dont Have a Life. Realize This Simple Truth To Free Yourself

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Full Transcription:
Life is beautiful isn’t it you know even though we suffer it’s beautiful just look outside look at nature it’s just full of magic I mean it’s the universe’s biggest mystery and we all get to experience it isn’t that amazing someone probably said no so hopefully after this video you’ll be able to leave

With more clarity about this experience we call life for those who are on the so-called journey of self-discovery I think realizing that you don’t have a life is very important let me explain for years a lot of us have been carrying life on our shoulders it may feel as if

Life is a burden at times and all you want is to be free from it the anxiety just randomly brings worry in your experience fear is holding you back from Reaching Your Potential and all you want is a break from having a life well good news you don’t

You don’t have a life and you have never had one it’s the character you believe yourself to be that claims to have life the one who claims to having something doesn’t actually exist ask yourself now who is it that has a life and don’t answer this mentally I

Want you to find the one who claims it remember you are not the mind or the body notice that you can’t physically see you can’t imagine you can’t feel the one who claims to have a life it only appears to exist in the mind a lot of you know that

The false self doesn’t actually exist but knowing this mentally won’t do anything for you you have to constantly check and see through experience until one day an energetic shift becomes permanent and the illusions of the character is seen straight through you see there is no one actually here

It’s all just Consciousness there is no such thing as separation it’s all the one and only Consciousness that you truly are there is no entity here to claim having a life and it’s actually a very beautiful thing to realize don’t think that it’s scary how could it be

Scary if there isn’t no one actually here to be scared the mind is trying to fool you it’s actually beautiful when Consciousness comes to realize itself your experience will now be experienced through new eyes not from the eyes of the character but directly from source you’ll realize that life is all there is

And you will realize that you are literally life itself nothing can exist without you but you can exist without nothing What you are is life you aren’t the experiences of it you are that which allows the experiences to exist that’s your power that’s how powerful you truly are you are a source itself but you just don’t realize that yet you may understand it but claiming to understand something is just more fuel

For the false self you must realize this realize it now you’re not realizing this as a human body and mind you are Consciousness realizing itself I know how painful suffering is trust me I’ve been through so much mentally but it’s the very reason why I share what I

Share now I never seen myself doing what I’m doing now two years ago even though there’s actually no one here doing anything but you know what I mean I’m just trying to explain that we don’t have to let pain kill us we don’t have to have a negative outlook on pain and suffering

How could you possibly grow if you have never had any life challenges you would be satisfied and weak probably if you never had hardships in life you wouldn’t be here watching this video trying to heal if you weren’t growing allow pain to teach that’s one of the main reasons for it

Even though there is nobody here to claim being in pain and there’s actually nobody here watching this video that was all just some motivating words for the illusionary self to hear now knowing that you don’t have a life does not mean give up the experience of being human just because the self

Doesn’t actually exist this doesn’t mean you’re going to be some boring empty Observer for the rest of your experience there’s still going to be a character here in a way after Awakening but it’s not like you’re thinking about it and complaining and trying to be someone for

The world you’re just free because you see that you are life itself and you’ll develop this trust in life knowing that life has always taken care of life so worrying just Falls away a lot Falls away actually suffering completely goes away because there’s nobody here to suffer

And even if negative emotions arise you still see that is life happening it’s not happening to nobody it’s just life happening we hear it all the time I hate my life I’m so tired of my life I wish my life can be different why are you causing so

Much stress believing that you’re ever life it’s one of the main reasons we believe we hate it because you carry this big responsibility of making sure your life is perfect and making sure you’re in control of your life let it go you do not have a life because there is no you

Hear it to claim it you are alive what you are is life itself you’re the source of the universe’s biggest mystery if someone asked me what is life I would reply you are but I’m not talking about the character bodies and mine I’m talking about the source that allows the

Body and mind to exist within it and it’s what you truly are you have to be willing to let go of who you think you are because it’s all a creation of the mind and what you are is above it it’s that which is aware of its activity

No need to Beg For Freedom even the ones who are unfortunately locked away for life behind a cell are free the only thing that makes us believe we aren’t is the mind and of course their environment yes their body and mind may be limited behind bars but that’s not what they are anyways

You’re not a physical thing or a visible object you are formless anything that has formed can only exist within you thoughts exist within you the body exists within you you are not in the universe the universe is within you you are the source of all existence it’s

Literally what you are and you can experience returning back to this state it’s not really a return as if you lost it it’s more like you are looking for your glasses for 20 years and you realize you had them on the whole time and it’s a beautiful welcome home do not

Believe this is something you have to work years to achieve yes it may appear to take time for us but it’s here already what you are is already here it’s not a journey there is no destination life is here right now if it wasn’t there wouldn’t be an experience

You are here thank you for watching

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