You Do Not Think Thoughts. There Is No Thinker! The End of Overthinking, Anxiety & Rumination

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Full Transcription:
You have to stop believing in every single thought that arises your thoughts do not know who you are and on top of that you do not have the control over your thoughts that you think you have you have no control anxiety overthinking ruminating just suffering in general has caused not by

The thoughts but by your reactions to them they have this pull on your attention that makes you falsely believe that it’s you that is thinking creating the illusion that you are those thoughts this way of living will keep you trapped inside of the illusions of the Mind Now I know it’s easier said than done but you have to notice that you are not your thoughts you are the Observer of them if you were your thoughts wouldn’t you make sure they are always positive wouldn’t you make sure whenever you began overthinking you would just stop

You have no control and those thoughts are not yours they are just thoughts millions and millions of people have the same thoughts as you there is this need of control that you have to let go of it’s exactly why these thoughts are controlling your life because you somehow think you are in

Control of them we simply receive thoughts we don’t thank them because they’re honestly is no thinker now yes you can pull in thoughts consciously but it’s still not you who’s thinking because you are also the awareness of those thoughts for example close your eyes and say hello in your head

It feel like it’s you right it may even sound like you but who was aware of that thought it’s not the thought that was aware thoughts cannot be self-aware it was awareness who was aware only awareness can be aware and that’s all you truly are the very Act of trying to control your

Thoughts gives those thoughts attention which leads to them multiplying and continuing to rise this causes anxiety overthinking and ruminating and I know how it feels when those thoughts just won’t stop coming it feels like you’re not in control well because you’re not you never know what thought you will

Think next you never know when a thought will rise and you never know when they will fall even right now if you were to say well I’m going to think about this next out of the trillions of thoughts you thought of that you did not know you were going

To think of that and you definitely don’t know how you’re going to put thoughts together so when people say change your mindset and change the way you think yes you can change what thoughts you receive one hundred percent like I said you can receive the thoughts you want by using

Your attention and by changing your vibration think of thoughts as radio stations if you want negative thoughts you must change your vibration to match a negative frequency to receive those thoughts notice how people who are depressed all have similar thoughts thoughts about regret and shame and thought telling them that they are not

Enough and life isn’t worth living all of those thoughts only exits on that lower vibration someone who is vibrating higher doesn’t receive those kind of thoughts because they don’t exist there do you see what I am saying to truly change what thoughts you receive you must raise your vibration that’s why

It’s so important to feel good just because it feels good to feel good you don’t need anything to achieve a good feeling you don’t need a reason to feel good have you ever met someone so happy and you ask why are you so happy and they say I don’t know I’m just happy

You’re allowed to be happy just because it feels good to be happy but I know it’s hard you’re going to face challenges in life everything is easier said than done but it is possible for every single one of us the first step in healing your mental troubles to recognize you have no

Control over them and to notice that you are not them once you can accept that you have no control everything will open up for you your reactions to those thoughts won’t pull you in any more causing you to try to fix them or change them and naturally they will just go

Away they only appear so much because you have given them so much attention and energy now we can never truly get rid of thoughts forever and that shouldn’t be your goal your goal should be to detach from them and to be okay with whatever may arise for you to take

Your power back over them never wish for them to go away that’s just giving them more attention and energy if you have been thinking about someone for a long time don’t expect to stop one day and never have that thought again that thought still carries energy for example

When is the last time you thoughts about a pink cow driving through the drive through at McDonald’s never correct but if you start thinking about this daily will begin to become a regular thought you have throughout the day and then eventually you will label it good or bad which will now give it

Control over you you see no thought as good or bad until you label it it just is it’s just a thought a thought that you don’t have to believe because once again it doesn’t know who you truly are no words no thoughts can know you thoughts cannot no consciousness awareness

Thoughts and words can have truth to it but it is not the truth you can only know yourself by experiencing Yourself by becoming aware of your awareness this video my words are not the truth they are simply to direct you to it when you are able to be your true being that is

When you will experience truth and reality so stop listening and believing in every thought you think you can even ask yourself is this true or is this just an assumption is this true or was this just taught to me by my environment and experiences is this true or is this the

Story my ego continues to create remember no thought knows the truth and come to the realization that you have no control over them just let them be just watch them like Words playing on a screen let them come and go I hope this was able to give you some clarity and A

New Perspective thank you all for watching

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