You Created Everyone In Your Mind. Including Yourself ( Oneness, Non- Duality )

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Full Transcription:
You have created everyone around you and you created them in your mind including yourself the truth is nobody exists including the character you believe yourself to be if you are seeking the truth of what you truly are I’d stick around and really listen to what’s about to be talked about

So I’ll first touch on the topic of Separation if you can understand this the remainder of this video will be very clear for you to see you see separation doesn’t exist the concept of separation is also a creation of the mind it’s an illusion you may say of course there is

Separation I’m Calvin so how could I be my best friend Joe well the truth is you are not Calvin and Joe isn’t Joe those are created characters produced from the mind I see a lot of people struggle with the concept of Oneness and how separation is an illusion because they are constantly

Comparing the body and mind to other body and minds and then they use distance as proof for separation but Oneness is much deeper than those things first of all you are not the body and mind you are not the life you are experiencing you are not your opinions and beliefs

What you are is life itself from the perspective of what you truly are you are the source of everything so think about everything that’s connected to life nature is a part of life The Human Experience is a part of life negative emotions and thoughts are all a part of

Life life is everything and it’s what you truly are and through life experiences and social media etc etc we have all forgotten what we are and we have all forgotten that everything is connected Here’s another way to look at it what you are is consciousness not the body not the mind so don’t compare these to what you are what I am is consciousness but we aren’t individual consciousnesses Consciousness has no form it has no shape or it cannot be located we are this Consciousness as one

And each vessel is just used for experiencing a different experience the body and mind you are experiencing is just another perspective for Consciousness to experience itself so that it can learn and evolve ancient civilizations were aware of Oneness and were aware that the more beings that realize what they truly are

The higher the collective Consciousness will ascend this is why the Earth’s vibrations was a lot higher back then I 100 percent believe this is how they had access to communication with higher dimensional beings because they were able to vibrate on the same frequency with them but anyways what you are is

Consciousness it’s the mind that tells you another story you have to realize that the mind has its own reality and outside of the mind is where real life is and the mind creates separation the mind has created others and let me explain the moment you meet someone automatically a mental creation of them

Has began it may begin judging them it may compare it begins throwing labels onto them and now it has a character attached to that body and mind so let’s say you go and talk to someone about this person you just met to someone that already knows them you’re

Telling them how they are and how you perceive them and your friends has a completely different perspective of them how is that possible how can I perceive someone as confident and outgoing and fun to be around and another person sees them as cocky and know it all and

Knowing an energy draining to be around it’s because we think people are isn’t even what they truly are it’s all a creation of the Mind personality is created you aren’t born with it and everyone is a reflection of you everyone if you hate something about someone it’s because they trigger something within

You it has nothing to do with them if you are focused on yourself hate wouldn’t even be an energy within you there is literally no such thing as a someone else we are all branches of the same tree we just act as if we are separate but to actually experience Oneness you

Must first realize that you yourself don’t actually have exist you must see that the character you believe yourself to be is also a creation of the Mind you may hear people say kill their ego detach from the ego the character you believe yourself to be lies within the

Ego who you think you are is just a collection of thoughts realize how the story of your life only exists within the Mind through memories and imaginations none of it is actually real to see what’s real you have to see what’s left when the mind isn’t active

The only thing that is happening is life life is one thing and it’s the only thing that’s truly happening you just don’t realize it yet because you are living through the mind and its illusions everyone is living in a completely different reality it’s like we are all dreaming inside of one big Collective

Dream for example how is it that you are afraid of snakes you can’t watch Snakes on a Plane you don’t like Animal Planet snakes just trigger this fear within you but in my reality I love snakes I have two of them in my house and even

A tattoo of them how is that possible well it’s because we have created to different realities for our experiences and that’s only possible through the mind I think by now you all should realize how truly powerful we are it’s so much deeper than we think we are creators

Very powerful creators so powerful that we created characters and made them feel so real that we completely abandon our true nature and now believe we are something we are not that’s how powerful the illusion of self is but it’s not our fault we were programmed and conditioned this way from

Our parents the new school and society and social media but we must return back to being empty of all labels and Concepts go back to what you were before the world told you who you are So once you notice that you are not this character and can see how the mind creates these Amazing Illusions you’ll begin to realize that everyone else is stuck in this illusion meaning you will no longer perceive separation because you know that what you are is exactly what everyone else is

You will see that you are literally everyone and everything even when you begin thinking about someone you are thinking about their character but the character doesn’t actually exist yes there is a body and mind but who you think they are is simply just another thought noticing this will also allow

You to emotionally detach from people because you aren’t actually attached to them you are attached to the thoughts about them you are attached to who you think they are but there are nobody the only thing here is life there is nobody here it’s all just life happening everything is one

And we are the source of it all

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