You Aren’t DOING ANYTHING! There is No Doer! ( Non-Duality, Illusion of Control, Free Will )

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Full Transcription:
You have to see this to really realize what I am saying thinking about what I’m about to talk about can be very difficult to comprehend if I told you hey you have never done anything and you’re not in control at all you would slap me and say Well since

I’m not in control I guess I didn’t do that and I would agree because like I said you have never done anything during my spiritual journey before my Enlightenment realization right before I began having these transformational shifts I was really into the teachings of non-duality I feel like once you’re seeking energy

Leads you to those teachings it’s when things really start changing it was the beginning of my death and rebirth non-duality will teach you that who you always believed yourself to be never existed and it will bring you to the realization of Oneness well at least that’s how it was for me

Through these teachings you come across some things that would come off crazy if you had no idea what this journey of spirituality is about things such as you don’t exist you don’t have a life you don’t have free will you aren’t and have never done anything and things like

Nobody is actually here it completely goes against the reality of the Mind the reality that most of us have grown into believing to be what’s real but as you become curious and as you begin going within and sitting in Silence with yourself these things began to no longer become beliefs you start

Actually seeing and experiencing these things to be true you know them and it has nothing to do with beliefs and Concepts you began to see how useless beliefs or when it comes to the spiritual journey because the sheriffs that you seek for cannot happen through and sexual knowings it’s all energetically realized

You have to experience the truth not believe in it please don’t believe anything I am saying see it to be true so when I came across the saying you aren’t doing anything you aren’t the doer of life it honestly was one of the biggest shifts I had for

Self-realization so please see if you can realize what I am pointing to for the rest of this video this can help you with self-realization tremendously so let’s talk about meditation first you can participate and see this to be true for yourself if you would like to write

Now just close your eyes and be so many of us struggle with meditation and it’s because we think it’s an activity we think meditation is something you do and that’s why it appears to be difficult because we are trying to be in control you may try to stop thoughts or try

Whatever you’re trying to do but meditation isn’t a doing it’s just something that is happening along with everything else everything nobody is doing anything because nobody is here things are just happening and meditation is one of the best ways to realize this even though it feels

Like you are in control you’re not now when I say you I’m talking about you believe yourself to be if your name is Chris Chris isn’t sitting down to meditate Chris isn’t doing a guided meditation because Chris doesn’t actually exist Chris you are just an idea you are a

Creation of the Mind hey you go creation if you realize what you truly are as God as awareness as consciousness from that seed of pure being you will realize that awareness isn’t involved in activity it’s just aware of what’s happening and you are this awareness notice this even if your ego is bringing

Up its beliefs and it’s trying to counter what I am pointing to the ego can agree that awareness is just aware not affected by anything because it has no form you can’t do anything to awareness awareness cannot do anything because it’s just aware if you can realize that things are just

Happening meditation becomes effortless and that’s because meditation is the release of effort the release of trying you will realize there is just a vessel a body and mind Within Me me as awareness It’s not my body it’s not my mind because awareness is just awareness it’s not a personal thing there is nobody here to claim to have anything now we can go back to the illusion of control and the illusion of the doer ask yourself who’s the one watching this

Video who’s the one doing the activity of watching this video did you say your name or me well where does this person you believe yourself to be exist did you look at your body or say here well where in the body does this person exist what part of the body are you if

You are the body the chest the heart the head notice that wherever you think you exist it’s just a sensation that you are labeling me without the mind you’re just aware of energy of a sensation the mind is the father of Lies you cannot find who you believe yourself

To be Chris you only exist within the mind you are awareness it’s what we are as one we don’t have individual awareness we have individual experiences awareness is just awareness realize how within you every experience happens everything happens within you you aren’t doing anything it’s all just

Happening we aren’t human doings we are human beings people ask me well find not and control How Could You manifest and create your own reality it’s all just happening manifesting is happening those desires that arise to create something it just happens thought you don’t thank them they just rise they just happen

Actions we don’t do them they just happen people will also say well I can go kill to 100 people and just say I didn’t do it yes it’s true you as what you truly are didn’t do anything but that doesn’t mean consequences shouldn’t be given those actions happen because

People are unconscious of their Consciousness you’re completely locked in with the ego it’s honestly like you are possessed we all were or are possessed by the ego and some Migos are so strong that they completely keep you closed-minded to finding out you are God what you are is life itself what you are

Is control you are the energy that animates life things only happen because of you nothing can happen without you if there is an experience then there is you it’s like playing GTA or any game where you are controlling the character now let’s say this character in the game is

Who you believe yourself to be you have completely forgotten that you are the one outside of the game and trolling it so everything that’s being done within the game you have this sense of I am doing this I am the character in this game doing things and I have full

Control over my life this is the delusion that the ego has trapped you into believing because it feels real because it feels like you are the thinker of thought and you are the body that’s what you believe and you’re so convinced the characters in the game are completely unconscious they have no idea

That there is someone outside of the game controlling everything no idea and they for sure don’t realize that it’s what they truly are now just apply that to this experience see Life as a game I mean it truly is like a game or a dream and know that you

Are not the character in this game you’re just experiencing one you’re just aware of one do you feel pain no the body does and you are aware of it you are experiencing it do you think thought no thoughts arise and you’re just effortlessly aware of it do you do

Things no things happen and you are just aware of it stop trying to control life you trying to control life causes resistance let life flow life is trying to flow through you and you keep blocking it by trying to control something you can’t control even you trying to control is also

Something that’s just happening I know it can get confusing it can be hard to find the right words or saying to explain something unexplainable but I hope you’re beginning to realize this all it’s very hilarious actually when you realize it also very freeing and peaceful remember the Mind cannot be used to

Transcend the mind go above it observe it without attachment and identity the Mind cannot awaken Chris cannot awaken Consciousness will realize its Consciousness sit in the reality outside of the mind and you will realize yourself to be everything thank you

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