YOU ARE NOT YOUR THOUGHTS | The Truth About Thoughts

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Full Transcription:
You are not the one thinking your thoughts how of course i am how can you be your thoughts if you are the one observing them you cannot be anything you can observe it’s not possible well i can clearly see myself in the mirrors so that’s not true

I and myself are not the same i is the observer and myself is the object you are observing you are the awareness behind everything when i say everything i mean everything you are not your thoughts and you are not your body because you can observe them

How are you going to tell me that i am not me i’ve been me my whole life no you just have been tricked into identifying with your human form they gave us all these labels so that we can identify with who we are not they gave us names they gave us personality types

You are simply identifying with ideas but you are aware of these things correct so that means you cannot be that you are aware of yourself watching this video you are not yourself then what the hell am i you are pure consciousness awareness well how do i be myself then just be

You lost me i don’t get what that means to truly be yourself you can only experience being yourself you cannot thank yourself you can only be yourself to come aware that you are aware then just be there if you ever meditated this will be one of the first things you realize

You can sit and just observe your thoughts play out like a movie you’ll notice that you aren’t the one thinking these thoughts thoughts happen to you i can clearly think about whatever i want to think about though yes you can consciously think thoughts but you are the one aware of yourself thinking

Where do they come from if they aren’t coming from me where do they come from well i believe they come from our collective consciousness for example people who are depressed have you noticed how they all have similar thoughts because they are tapped into a lower vibration of the collective

Consciousness where those thoughts exist they are thinking these thoughts these thoughts are happening to them another example people who meditate and practice spirituality are all tapped into a different part of the collective consciousness we receive knowledge and downloads from that part of the collective consciousness have you ever just been

Sitting around and a random idea pops up in your head you did not think that thought it was sent to you you received it the thoughts you have are based on the vibration you are aligned with when you are feeling happy you are having positive thoughts

So what about when i’m speaking am i not my voice no you’re not your voice because you can observe it and you can’t be anything that comes and goes when you are not speaking you still exist and when you are not thinking you still exist you are pure consciousness awareness

You are a god You

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