You Are Not Your Body! The End of Emotional Suffering

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Full Transcription:
Physical pain and emotional pain can be the very reason we don’t want to move and get out of bed our trauma is stored in the body fears stored in the body all emotions are stored in the body and most of the time those emotions hold us back from truly being ourselves

This identification with the body will limit you Diaz I note may feel like we are the body but we are not let me explain let’s say you were just born today you have no idea what a body is you haven’t even opened your eyes yet you have no memory or thought

Your current experience of what we call the body would just be Sensations not Body Sensations just Sensations these Sensations have no weight they have no form they have no age it’s simply just a sensation you may feel pulsing Sensations or tingling Sensations but it’s not you because you

Are the one who’s aware of these Sensations you see everything rises in Awareness awareness doesn’t arise in anything you can also say everything is Created from this Consciousness awareness think about it nothing can exist without awareness but awareness can exist without nothing and this awareness I speak of is who you

Are it’s who I am you are not the body you are the awareness of it and when you’re able to feel the body while also knowing that you are the awareness of it something special will happen just try it right now feel the Life Energy in your hands feel it don’t think

About it just feel it how do you know you have hands don’t answer it mentally go directly into the experience of feeling Now notice that something is aware of this feeling if there wasn’t that sensation wouldn’t exist and become aware of your sense of awareness Yes this body is yours it’s the body you chose to play this game of life with but this body changes and who you are doesn’t change this body dies and who you truly or cannot die you were here before this body and you will be here after it goes remember the body was

Created within awareness awareness was not created from the body now how does this help with physical and emotional pain well once you can experience this to be true you will begin looking at these physical Sensations without judging them without the need for them to go away you will be

Able to live with that tight sensation you are aware of in the chest when you feel anxious you will be able to deal with the feelings fear brings and they won’t affect you they will have no power over you now I’m not saying try to numb yourself from feeling that is incorrect

When you are able to feel your feelings this way you are able to actually feel them the only reason why these Body Sensations affect us is because we spent our whole lives running from them we have been trying to stop feeling our feelings it’s the only thing we are true really afraid of

But when you realize who you truly are when you realize that you are everything already because you are awareness feeling these feelings won’t be such an issue for you because you know they are not you your being and God’s being are the same God is that Consciousness awareness and

So are you and so am I everything is connected through this awareness is awareness my sense of awareness is not different from yours when I sit to connect back to my being and use it to connect back to your being we are connecting back to the same exact

Awareness because we are one before our bodies were manifested here awareness still existed we were already here these bodies are just an expression it’s just a creation that awareness has created and if we are awareness and everything is created within it that means we are God we have a direct connection to the

Creator and all it takes is for you to become aware of your awareness this Consciousness awareness is the very thing Jesus spoke about and people called him crazy and treated him terribly the same way some people would treat you if you went around claiming that you were a god you see his messages

Were perceived and taught wrong Jesus wasn’t religious he knew about his connection to the Divine he knew he wasn’t this body he knew God was within and not some guy in the clouds this level of Consciousness is achievable for everyone when you experience this to be true your life

Just opens up your heart will open up your mind and Consciousness will expand suffering will no longer exist because you will come to see that you are the awareness of the suffering and not the one who suffers this identification with the body can and will hold you back from truly

Experiencing you are fully this knowledge alone won’t do anything for you you have to experience this knowing to truly note to be true just saying I am not my body will not convince you this video may make you believe it mentally but that’s not enough and you

Know it’s not you have to sit and become aware of your sense of awareness and then begin to notice things about your true nature oh I’m Not My Thoughts because I’m aware of those oh I’m not my body because I am aware of the sensation of it oh that means I’m something beyond

My body oh you really can’t answer the question who am I you just go directly into the experience of being so word can only lead you into the experience we name it Consciousness and awareness or God but we don’t know what it is because it can’t be answered it can only be experienced

So I challenge you to see this for yourself see that you are not the body my advice would be to do self-inquiry meditations that is exactly how I found my way back to who I am trust me you will receive nothing but positive benefits from this I thank you for watching

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