You Are Not A Human!

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Full Transcription:
You are not going to view who you think you are the same way after watching this video for a second I will ask you some questions and I want you to act like we are having a conversation so who are you If you answered stating your name you are incorrect you are not a name so who are you Pretty much any answer you give me is incorrect if you were completely silent though you are actually pretty close to figuring it out you see we have grown to identify ourselves with ideas and beliefs and with our thoughts and problems if I asked you to describe yourself you would

Start talking about your age and where you grew up and what you do for a living but you are not those things how could you be a name how could you be a profession how could you be your pain all of those things come and go and

Change and who you truly are cannot change or come and go who you are is always here and it’s the same all the time let me explain a little more so that you can see who you truly are so say you suffer from anxiety anxiety is when you are constantly anxious about

The future your mind creates all these assumptions and fake scenarios to keep you stuck in your room away from expressing yourself fully now who is the one aware of this happening you are the awareness of your anxiety you are not anxiety and the one aware cannot be the one

Suffering because you’re also the one aware of the suffering happening and this applies to everything when you are overthinking who is aware of this happening now before this video ends I want you to really experience who you are I want you to realize that you are not your pain

And suffering and that you’re not even human at a deeper level you are about to experience what it’s like to return to your true nature now notice how you are aware of your human character watching this video become aware of this experience no thoughts are needed to be aware if

Thoughts rise notice how you are the awareness of those also you’re not a human becoming aware of a human you are above human you are so much more now become aware again of the music in the background just watch it don’t judge it don’t think about it just experience

What it’s like to listen Foreign Now that you have a sense of being aware to come aware of your awareness don’t focus on any experience focus on the awareness itself you cannot experience this or understand this mentally so stop thinking about how to do it you are not your thoughts become aware of

Something and then become aware of the sense of awareness and just stay there for a second keep returning back to it every time you fall back into thought You see whenever you are suffering you can just ask yourself who is aware of this happening but don’t answer it mentally just go directly into becoming aware of awareness this is who you really are you are not the story of your life you are not your past and mistakes you are pure

Consciousness awareness any problem you have is only there because you are aware of it but it’s not who you are who you truly are cannot be affected by anything because you are the Observer of it and no doing this will not cause you to start dissociating this is literally you

Returning back to your natural state of pure love peace joy and confidence sitting and becoming aware of your awareness will liberate you from all suffering because you will begin to realize that the suffering has nothing to do with you you will start detaching from those limiting beliefs it will be so easy and

Effortless to let go of things you are life itself you are the present moment you are a god the power within us is very very powerful and words cannot even explain the experience of returning back to it also I need you to understand that you can change your human character and

Become whoever you truly want to be in this lifetime once you realize who you truly are there is nothing that can stop you from getting what you want in life you can change because you are not your belief system because you can change it you are not the story of your life

Because you can change it you are not your depression and anxiety because you are aware of it and can change it if you believe you can’t well that’s just a belief and you can change it everyone is literally the same we just have different beliefs and perspectives that create a unique personality

You are the creator of your reality all of this was created just for you to create whatever you want but you have been blinded so make a choice and take the red pill and discover the truth about yourself so that you can take your power back so just remember whenever you find

Yourself struggling mentally or whatever it may be notice what you are the awareness of it and then go deeper and become aware of the awareness and just focus on that let go of the outside experience and just look at awareness just look at your consciousness

So if I were to ask you who are you now how would you reply Foreign

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