You Are NO-THING. But That’s What Freedom Truly Is.

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Full Transcription:
What am I or who am I these two inquiry questions can lead you down the path of self-realization growing up we were always told we were by our environment by schools and our friends and family by society and social media But when you ask yourself this question why is it usually followed by a list of ideas and labels that are clearly not what you truly are because you aren’t your name you aren’t your past you are not a personality dive deeper and be curious of what you

Truly are what were you before the world began telling you what you are you were aware that you were everything at one point as a child who didn’t have a set identity you weren’t this separate person experiencing life you didn’t experience the illusion of Separation nor did you feel disconnected from life itself

You were living life as life itself until you were taught to do the opposite they forced you to grow up they said stop acting like a child become your own person and chase your dreams blah blah blah chasing Your Dreams by the way is implying that you don’t have them

Already but you do but all of these statements completely draw you away from what you truly are and how powerful you truly are what are you so what are we as one what we are nothing and for the rest of this video I don’t want you to conceptualize

Any of this listen with the body not the mind you are nothing you know saying I know I say your Consciousness or God but that’s just another label for this nothingness but this nothingness is everything at the same time because everything rises from this nothingness it’s the only thing that actually here

But it’s not a thing you can’t objectify it so even if you identify with being Consciousness you have to ask yourself what Consciousness is it’s ultimately nothing it’s like trying to grab space you are the unknown so when you begin to realize you don’t actually exist I know it sounds scary to

The ego but this is where true Freedom begins trying to be human is difficult you have all these expectations and attachments you compare yourself to others and that steals the Joy from life you claim things to be yours and when those things get taken away or they

Don’t work out you feel as if you lost a piece of yourself you experience separation which is the reason for fear and stress and anxiety and many many other things life can feel as if it’s coming for you as if you are a victim to it you’re

Afraid of change and what others may think of you I can talk all day about how difficult it can be to be a person but what happens when you realize you aren’t who you thought you were what happens when you realize you were never this person who was suffering

Because only a person and suffer not you then you realize this person who you thought you were never existed it was just a story of the mind this is freedom when you began to see this clearly this will be your freedom from suffering self-realization is freedom from all

Suffering it’s freedom from trying to be a person free from fear from anxiety from time You are free and you are no thing right now and it’s what you have always been when you aren’t thinking about yourself what are you when you aren’t thinking about your life your past your worries and future where are you ask yourself these questions but don’t answer them mentally just be still you

Cannot answer the question what am I it’s a pointer for you to just be you are a new thing meaning you have no form No Boundaries you cannot be located you cannot be created because you’re already here you cannot become this because you already are you cannot imagine this because it’s that which

Appears as an imagination This nothingness that you and I are as one can be said to be everything because it’s the only thing here it just appears as every thing Consciousness appears as bodies thoughts others anger confusion seeking the world but all these are just appearances they’re beautiful Illusions but it’s just you appearing as some thing

No thing is actually here and no thing is actually happening Life is Just a Dream It’s Consciousness dreaming it’s you dreaming free yourself it’s possible for every one I am not special Buddha was not special Jesus was not special we are all capable of what they achieved they were

Simply just aware of their nature as what we call Consciousness or God or this nothingness And they all tried to point others to this same realization so that we can all realize we are one there’s so much love and Oneness it’s what we all will soon realize this is the Christ that Jesus was talking about when he said Christ will be back Christ Consciousness will rise

Again and that’s us we are Christ you are worthy of self-realization it’s your sole right to know what you truly are don’t turn to me or to anyone else to help you find the answers you have them all you are your best teacher you have to trust yourself you

Have to turn to yourself for all of this yes teachers can help point but don’t believe anything anyone says drop all believe and prove it to yourself first it’s up to you to realize what you are and that’s the only way you’ll see the truth don’t put that in any teacher’s hands

Know that it’s good if you can’t understand this because this isn’t a mind thing realize that it’s not you that’s confused it’s the mind that which is aware of the confusion is what you seek for the one looking for itself is itself you’re looking for your glasses while already looking through your glasses

That confusion is this it’s just appearing as confusion everything is this this is why so many teachers say what you are looking for is already here because it’s literally everything there is no separation from it

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