You are God & The Ego is The Devil

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Full Transcription:
Hell is explained and portrayed as this place of everlasting suffering it’s said to be this location in the afterlife where souls go to suffer and to be tortured a place where they can never Escape once they are there and the ruler of the realm as Noah has Satan or the devil

Now Heaven is said to be this place of pure love light and joy where suffering does not exist and the ruler of Heaven is God the one and only creator now before I begin explaining myself I want to say I respect all religions and walks of life this video is not to

Offend anyone I used to be a religious person myself but since my Awakening my opinion and eyes have opened to something new so try to see where I am coming from so with that being said about hell and heaven and about God and the devil what if these stories weren’t meant to be

Taking literal I personally believe that the Bible and religion in general has been portrayed and taught the wrong way because every religion is talking about you when they speak of God and that evil force they speak of is the ego let’s break this down just hear me out

God God is consciousness the Creator The Observer of everything and so are we you see there is only one Consciousness to cause Consciousness has no form you cannot locate Consciousness no matter how hard you search for it these bodies these vessels that we can control is not who we are God you

Created this body these bodies are just a way of Consciousness expressing itself notice how your body is created within Consciousness it’s not the other way around these are just objects that we are aware of can you agree with me that you are aware of your body notice the

Difference in saying I in the body and I am aware of the body there is a very different sense to both of those statements and you cannot be what you are aware of because you are the awareness of it no experience or object can be you because you are the awareness

Of it now if you were to directly connect with your Consciousness by becoming a aware of your awareness or should I say Awakening to who you are you will begin to notice that the one who is aware isn’t affected by any experience that may be present regardless if it’s your thoughts or

Feelings or a life situation the one who is aware is simply just aware and the one who is aware is just at peace it’s present it’s not suffering it’s accepting it’s always been here in the background it’s Limitless and boundless it’s the place where suffering cannot exist it’s God’s presence it’s

Your true being all of these teachings that tell you to follow God and trust God it’s all supposed to point to you Awakening to realizing that this God is you God isn’t outside of you it’s who we all truly are we share the exact same being as God

Because there is only one being you and I are the same you are the birds and bees you are the trees in nature you are the ants and bugs that fly around you are this God and people will say well if I was God why can’t I do this and do that because

We are Gods having a human body experience the same way dogs are God having a dog experience yes you are your dogs you are everything and this is very difficult for people to accept because of what we all have been taught and I completely understand and

Respect that but I will try my best to get you to see where I am coming from now I will get back to how we are God but let’s move on to how the devil is just the ego remember how I said once you can just be

Present and become aware of who you truly are you will see that suffering doesn’t exist there while suffering doesn’t exist where God exists because the ego cannot exist there thoughts cannot exist or damage you in the present moment if you are thinking you are not fully present the ego doesn’t exist there suffering

Can only exist within the Mind through thoughts if you are suffering it is because of your ego it is because of the devil hell is just a state of mind and once you are trapped in it your life will feel like hell I know you have heard of that one

Before the ego is the one that tells you that you are not enough that you aren’t worthy it’s what makes you worry and have anxiety it’s where regret and depression exist it’s where fear exists the very thing telling you that this video is BS and has no truth to it the

Ego doesn’t want to die wants to stay in full control that sounds familiar right the devil doesn’t want you to realize who you truly are because it Noah will die once you awaken it will no longer have control over your life now Jesus a very well known being that

Is a part of religion wasn’t a religious person he didn’t believe he was separate from God he knew that he was God the Bible referred to him as God’s son he went around trying to tell others that he and they were God and people hated him and betrayed him for speaking this

Way and no matter what others said he knew this to be true because he was awakened to his true being he was conscious of his Consciousness while everyone around him was unconscious you see there is no difference between you and Jesus because we are all one there

Is only one being and it’s God’s being and it’s who we truly are you are everyone who has ever lived and die and you will be everyone who is yet to be born I’ll give you an example of how short Jesus was of this knowing the

Story of him being nailed to the cross is traumatic but even though those people did that to him he loved them still he asked God to forgive them he forgave them because he knew that they were unconscious their behavior and actions came from the ego from the devil from the unconscious state

Do you think if those people were awakened and conscious of who they truly or they would have still done what they have done of course not the same behavior still takes place in today’s society if you walked around telling everyone that we are all God and we are

All connected they will look at you like you’re crazy but it’s only because they are unconscious or this truth and because they are still slaves to the ego mind we can all experience heaven on Earth hell and heaven art a realm in the afterlife they exist here if you are

Trapped inside the mind you will suffer in hell if you are present and free from the mind and all the false identifications you will experience heaven Heaven is explained to be a place of peace and love well once you awaken to who you truly are you will notice that

You have been this peace and love you have been seeking for your whole life all along you are the whole knowing the essence of who you are is who God is you are the source you are the universe you are what lies behind all understanding God is the Creator and so are you

Just picture how the world would be today if everyone was awakened to this the world would be at peace love would flow through the air now I don’t know everything so there may be some holes in this teaching but I hope you were able to see what I was trying to say

My intentions are pure and positive with every teaching so I hope this was able to at least strike some curiosity in you feel free to comment your opinions I would love to read them and see your perspective let me know what you agree with or disagree with if you want to

Experience that state of Heaven meditation will tremendously help self-inquiry will help you realize your true nature and that you are God and non-duality will eventually prove to you that we are all one and that we are all connected thank you for watching I genuinely appreciate all the support from you all recently

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