You Are Already Here. & It’s Time To Realize That( End Seeking, Awaken To Being, Guided Meditation )

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Full Transcription:
You are already here there is no need to wait until you learn one more piece of information to realize this because you are already here what you truly are as and has always been here you have never been born and you can never die there actually is no journey to

Self-realization because there is no where to go there is nowhere to look because you are here during this video you will realize your true being don’t let your beliefs tell you that it’s not possible you don’t need 10 more years of practice to realize what’s here already

There will be no music there will be no ads in the middle of the video so if you want to treat this as a meditation you can I will just be talking about the nature of what you are and you must use my words as pointers not as the truth

When I say something see if you can realize it’s without using the Mind realize it through your direct experience so I am now talking to what you are I need Consciousness to listen to Consciousness I don’t care for the false self to understand this information I

Need what you truly are to take the seat you are here notice the sense of I’m here not here as in the body is here but here as an awareness as in Consciousness I am here and aware only awareness can be aware a human body and mind is not aware

The body and mind is within you it’s within awareness because it’s an object you are aware of see this to be true now you are not the body you cannot feel what you are because you have no form so if you believe that what you are feels a certain way through the

Sensations of the body you are wrong there is no feeling because even that feeling that you believe to be what you are is observed there is no certain way to feel to be what you are however the body feels right now please just allow it there is no need to change

Anything at all just notice that you are aware of it and it’s not the body that is aware of the body only awareness can be aware remember this is what you are there isn’t two of you the false self is talked about but it doesn’t actually exist you are consciousness

Make sure you aren’t trying to disconnect from anything there is no need to imagine looking at your body from a third person perspective you are already not the body just be allow everything to be how it is and just notice that you are here any concept any imagination is also

Observed by what you already are it takes no effort at all to be what you already are realize that you don’t need to try to be aware even the trying is observed so just be allow thoughts to Rises they aren’t you and they aren’t talking to

You there is no you here thoughts are talking to thoughts do not identify with anything you can perceive you may have thoughts that repeat knowledge to you which is great but don’t identify with them even if these thoughts are coming from a higher Place regardless of what it is it’s not you

There is no voice of consciousness because that voice is being observed also if you truly want truth you have to accept the fact that nothing here is what you are everything here is made out of what you are but it’s not the being of what you are

Now this being sense is a sense you aren’t familiar with noticing it’s always here but you have been living from the mind’s Illusions for so long it can be difficult to realize it but it’s not a sense you can try to sense or feel it’s above the body and mind and I’m not

Saying it’s floating above your head what you are has no location you can’t find it so no need to imagine it I’m saying it’s greater than the body mind and you are here right now notice that no need to repeat I’m here in the mind just since being here don’t look for a

Certain feeling because it doesn’t feel a certain way to cause feelings are observed realize you are here just be it takes zero effort to be yourself one thing that held me back from realizing this was the identification I had with the face I always felt like I was somewhere in the face

You know because it’s where thy eyes are it’s how people identify these characters if someone sees your face they go oh it’s actually oh it’s William but you must realize that you are aware of the sensations of the face also if I were to say become aware of your

Arms most of you will look down or visualize your arm while becoming aware of it but notice how you don’t have to look at your arm or visualize it to be aware of the sensations of it because it’s not the eyes that are aware it’s awareness that is aware when your

Eyes are open it’s not the eyes that are aware it’s awareness aware of seeing happening so notice how it may feel like you are in the face and then realize that you are aware of those Sensations it’s not supposed to feel a certain way if it’s heavy just notice the heaviness don’t

Try to change it or expect it to change just notice it don’t imagine it if your eyes were closed you can open them now what you are is already here you are not a person you are not the body you are not the mind you are that which is

Everything and everyone you are nothing but everything at the same time you cannot be located you have no form but you are here and if you are not the body and mind and the false self then that means nobody is meaning nobody is actually here and we are literally one separation is only

Perceived by the person and you’re not that you are more than enough you are everything thank you for watching I hope this helped

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