YOU Are Already Enlightened! What Are You Waiting For? ( The End Of Seeking )

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Full Transcription:
This spiritual journey to Enlightenment or Liberation really isn’t a journey and the moment you realize you are enlightened another realization arises and confirms that you have always been what you have realized it’s not like you found something new you realize that this is all there ever was since the very beginning

I’ll compare it to the process of making a rubber band Bowl we all know how that process goes right you take a small piece of paper let’s say this paper is what you truly are and have always been you take that piece of paper and you

Bowl it up this become the center and foundation of the rubber band ball and then you begin wrapping multiple rubber bands around the paper bowl until the point to where the paper is no longer visible let’s say the rubber bands are all the labels you have attached to what you

Think you are the limiting beliefs the false identifications the story of your life the rubber bands are all the lies you have been conditioned and programmed with and from the outside you would agree well these rubber bands are all I see so of course this is the truth of course

This is who I am how could you say it’s not you’re so deep into the illusions of the mind that you forgot about the paper on the inside it’s still there and it’s always been there you are not the rubber bands and you have never been them you

Have always instilled by the paper in the center and as those rubber bands began to break and as you begin taking them off one by one the paper becomes more and more visible you get that first glimpse of your true being and now the seeking energy has

Kicked in you want to get back to that feeling you want to see the paper again so you meditate to break some rubber bands off you do enter child healing you’re doing mantras you’re watching videos and yes they help but there’s still this one rubber band you need to let go of

There is this belief that if I’m not feeling peace and joy or if my mind isn’t clear that must mean I am not what I truly am right now and that is exactly why some people are on this journey for decades to cause that belief will keep making

You search for something you will never find because why would you be searching for something you already are that’s like when you are looking for your TV remote and then you realize it’s been in your hands the whole entire time think about that just because you are mad or sad or

Overthinking it doesn’t mean what you truly are goes away it’s what you already are you can never not be you you can never not be consciousness the moment that last rubber band is broken you will realize oh this has always been here it’s just been covered

Up with all of these stories of the mind but it was still here even while I was trapped in those stories now I’m not saying stop doing the inner work and stop watching videos just realize that you are already what you were looking for I still watch other

Teachers I know I don’t need to but I’m just a sponge for knowledge is something I enjoy it’s always nice to hear others perspectives compared to mine we are all pointing to the same exact realization at the end of the day but that’s all enlightened matters it’s just a realization you don’t start

Flying and glowing like an angel you’re not going to disconnect from this reality you will actually sense being more connected than you have ever been I don’t get why people say I don’t belong here on Earth I don’t feel at home or they question why they are here

In this lifetime realize that those are just beliefs if you weren’t supposed to be here you wouldn’t be here you are creating hell on Earth for yourself believing in those statements if you can create hell you can create Heaven hell and heaven are not in the afterlife they are states of

Consciousness and they exist here when people say they are fighting demons they are at war with that voice in their heads they are at war with the ego When You Reach Enlightenment and you are free from suffering and can reach levels of joy and peace you are in heaven

One thing that really helped me realize that I am already enlightened was in moments of practice I didn’t think about the future I wasn’t thinking about how nice it would be to be enlightened I wasn’t picturing how I would be once I became enlightened I wasn’t holding on to the

Mental images from my imagination the future doesn’t exist you can’t be anywhere but here and now so focus on being awake now not later stop thinking well if I meditate for a month I should be able to see through these Illusions and become enlightened before February no just tea through the

Illusions right now how is a mental story about what may happen help you realize anything right now what if you woke up today drop waiting for something to happen nothing’s going to happen if you are waiting for it stop expecting an outcome just focus on what’s present stop waiting what exactly

Are you waiting for to get rid of this seeking energy and waiting energy realize the one who’s waiting it’s not you it’s the mind’s idea of who you think you are if I asked you who is the one waiting and you said it’s me well who is this me

The me is just a story of the mind it’s just more rubber bands it doesn’t really exist it’s just a mind creation that you have been identified with for a very long time what you truly are isn’t waiting what you truly are isn’t seeking what you truly or is only

Aware of waiting and seeking happening you have always been you and I’m not talking about the human body and I say you I’m talking about what we all collectively are as one God Consciousness The Observer whatever you want to label it you are worthy you are unconditional

Love you are more than enough you are life you are so so powerful you are spaciousness you are boundless you are me I am you as one Thank you for watching

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