You Actually Don’t Exist!

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Full Transcription:
We have no idea if this is real or not we have no idea if we actually exist or if this is all just some lucid dream the only thing we know for certain is that we are aware if I were to tell you that you don’t exist how would you respond to that

You would probably laugh at me and say well clearly I do exist because I’m here listening to you tell me that I don’t but you have no actual proof the only thing you can say is that you are aware of this experience this is the only thing that is one hundred percent true

Wouldn’t it actually be pretty liberating to know that this is just a dream that means we wouldn’t have to take it so serious let’s look at dreams for a second because I really want you to understand that you don’t really exist I know it sounds crazy

So when we are dreaming most of the time we can never actually tell that we are dreaming no matter what may be going on in the dream for some reason we just accept it to be real during that experience we can be dreaming about flying around on cats that spit fire

Like a dragon and we don’t question or realize that we are dreaming we are so caught up in the experience that we don’t even realize that we are dreaming we can feel taste here we have all of our five senses are dreaming the same exact way we do when we are so-called awake

But just because we can sense those things doesn’t mean it’s real because obviously our bodies are just laying in bed and the dream is all happening in our head so those senses can’t really confirm reality but the one thing we can confirm is that we are aware we are

Always aware during our Dream experiences if we weren’t we would never know what dreaming is in fact we can never not be aware we may forget that we are aware that we are always aware now listen to this we have Bodies In These Dreams correct hands feet hair of

Voice the same exact way we have bodies while we are away but it’s clear to you that the body you were using and that dream wasn’t real the character you are using in your dreams aren’t real and this also applies to the body you of while you are awake you are not your

Body look at your hands that is not you you are not a human having a human body experience you are Consciousness awareness experiencing this life experience as a human it doesn’t matter if this experience is real or not you are still having a experience you are aware of we are Consciousness

Consciousness was here before you were born and it will be Hereafter humans do not create Consciousness Consciousness creates humans these characters that we have created is just Consciousness expressing itself Consciousness is experiencing everything and everyone to cause everything and everyone is created within this one Consciousness do you see what I am saying

Why when someone who is spiritually enlightened they say I am awake I woke up what are they awake from what do you mean you woke up woke up from what well what happens when we wake up from a crazy dream we say oh wow it was just a

Dream and then you believe that you are awake but you’re not because this is also a dream that you can wake up from are you following hey you are dreaming right now I’m dreaming he’s dreaming she’s dreaming we are all having our own dreams inside of one big Collective dream I mean really

Think about it The Law of Attraction and manifestation is amazing we can ask for a project we create our own reality do you not see how truly powerful and amazing we are when you become aware that you are dreaming you can control and do whatever you want in your dreams it’s called

Lucid dreaming where you can do the same exact thing in this so-called awakened State it’s not called A Spiritual Awakening for no reason when you wake up you realize that this is not what it seems and that this is basically just a dream you realize that

You are not this character and body you are not your thoughts you begin to realize that you are not a human experiencing the universe but instead you are the universe having a human experience this is a very amazing realization it has completely changed my life and so

Many others and the only reason why it may be so hard to see this to be true is because a human cannot awaken Enlightenment cannot be achieved on a mental level because a human cannot be awakened you will be chasing this Awakening for your old life if you don’t

Understand that Awakening happens when you become aware of what you truly are it’s one Consciousness becomes aware of itself a human cannot be aware of itself only awareness can be aware of itself try it for yourself try to make your body become aware of itself it’s not possible the only thing that

Will happen will be you direct to your awareness onto a sensation of the body it’s the awareness that is aware it’s not the human or the mind so if you are on this journey of Awakening remember that your thoughts do not know who you are and your body does

Not know who you are only you can know who you are and this is why you can have all the knowledge in the world and still continue to suffer to cause thoughts cannot be you to truly know who you are you must experience yourself you must become aware of your awareness

Now I’m not trying to make any of you dissociate and drive yourself crazy enjoy this experience with this information you will be able to create the experience you wish to have you can have anything you want this is your dream this is your experience to play around with

If you would like more information on this topic research non-duality and self-inquiry these two things alone will lead you into the experience of knowing instead of this just being a belief also if you have any problems or questions regarding your crotch life experience leave a comment over in my

Community tab I may choose you and create a full video surrounding your issue thank you for watching

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